Tuesday, February 1, 2022

Mail Call - Ascendant Rpg By Alexander Marcis From Autarch

 So over the past couple of days the mail has been a bit well weird because of the Nor Easter that we've been hit with. So checking on Drivethrurpg on two orders, something appeared and that was the Ascendant rpg by Alexander Marcus. And that the package was being delivered today by UPS. And yes I spent the extra money for fast delivery.  And so the box that this came in was delivered this morning and this bad boy is thick! 

The Ascendant rpg is one of those crunch heavy super heroes rpgs that I love. Did a ton of DC Heroes rpg & TSR Marvel Super Heroes rpg back in the day. So the Ascendant rpg speaks to me as a DM & as a player. The fact is that Ascendant rpg is a super hero rpg can of math in a book form. And that's fine with me. D.C. Heroes taught me higher math so this is game after my own heart.

So let's just take a second to bask in the superhero awesomeness! This game book might be able to stop a small caliber bullet & within are characters who are bullet proof! The Ascendant rpg has the meat & bones of a system that will bring tools & parts that you need as a player to run an entire world & campaign. 

 Ascendant Rpg By Alexander Marcis does a fine job of doing a ton of set up for their comic book world setting. But reading through this I find myself wanting to create my own campaign setting. That being said I'm speaking with several players now to see about getting a campaign off the ground. 

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