Monday, February 14, 2022

Sword & Sorcery Commentary - Using Elfmaids & Octopi's Free OSR Resource Stone Age Sorcery With Hyperborea Third Edition rpg

 So Hyperborea rpg third edition & The Hyperborea Referee's Guide  has been released & we've been reading through these books. And speaking with DM Steve & he suggested that I take a look at the Elfmaid & Octopi blog's Stone Age Sorcery free download.  You can find the Stone Age Sorcery under the Gamebook section. Chris Tamm did a great job with this campaign book. 

For a Sword & Sorcery campaign with a Stone Age slant, Stone Age Sorcery puts the cards on the table with antagonists, artifacts, adventure locations, & more. Stone Age Sorcery  makes the Hyperborea have a more Ice Age feel. Because the book brings the forty eight pages of old school goodness & primitive violence. 

The entire setting of Stone Age Sorcery  could be moved into Hyperborea whole hog & dropped into the setting without a problem. Huge hunting trails & wild trails of mammoths or giant prehistoric animals are going to attract the tribes of cavemen & indigenious tribes of Hyperborea. Humanity attracts magick & dark sorcery! 

You Can Find Stone Age Sorcery Right Here

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