Sunday, February 20, 2022

Otherworldly Death Druglord For The Neonlords Of The Toxic Wastelands Rpg

Otherworldly Death Druglords  come from beyond the stars to suck the brain matter from out of the freaks of the wastelands of Neo Traxx to make the ultimate high! These highly dangerous alien humanoids come to use a brain sucker to harvest the highly valuable brain chemicals to get the rest of the galaxy high. The highly dangerous humanoids use blinding amounts of chaos & bloodshed to cover their tracks across Neo Traxx. 

The Otherworldly Death Druglords use a combination of high caliber violence. And the own alien senses to target humanoids with the right combination of brain chemicals to drain. 
Across the wastelands these alien pushers take the heads of anyone they deem worthy of their attentions. 

Otherworldly Death Druglord
Alignment: Chaotic
Movement:40 ft 
Armor Class:16 
Hit Dice:3 
Attacks: Rifle or Spinning Slicers +2 To Hit 
Attack: 2d4! Blaster Rifle, Spinning Slicers 1d8+2, Brain Drainer Tendril 1d4, 
Saves:Grit 11, Agility 12, Resolve 17, Death 10 
Special : Flash Banger, Alien 

To The Max! 
1-19 The Sheer Violence of the Alien Death Drug Lord Gains an Additional 1d6 damage on the attacks 
20 Head Shot - Double The Damage if using the Spinning Slasher and then the spinner richots off an obstacle and then its Decap - Attack! The alien takes the head of the target and then drains the brains of all of the rich brain chemicals. 
The Otherworldly Death Druglord has a flash bang and can throw one as a bonus action. 

The Otherworldly Death Druglord causes a wave of violence that covers their tracks as they take head after head for their valuable brains. His supply of brain chemicals is worth billions to the right buyer even in the wastelands of Neo Traxx. 

This is my homage to one of my favorite 90's films 'I come In Peace' Aka Dark Angel for Neon Lords of the Toxic Wastelands rpg

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