Sunday, February 6, 2022

OSR Review & Commentary On Salvatoris By David Cooper From Zozer Games For The Hostile Rpg, Cepheus Engine, Or Old School 2d6 Science Fiction Rpg Campaigns

 "A mystery scenario for the HOSTILE RPG (and Cepheus Engine).

The PCs are on a routine supply run to an outlying research base on the edge of known space. When they reach their destination – something has happened to the scientists. Many base personnel have jellyfish-like creatures covering their faces and are comatose. Others are dead, but have no alien thing on their face. "

"What's going on? What will happen next? Should the players not solve the mystery - will the same fate befall them? 

Welcome to LX410 - an unknown world with an unknown threat. "

 Salvatoris By David Cooper isn't your usual Hostile rpg adventure & its a 'pay what you want' twenty two page affair that's gonna be good for a few sessions of Hostile. Could Salvatoris become a mini adventure campaign?! It might but it's gonna depend on if the players get the aim of the adventure & work with it. There are mysteries on LX410 and they could have further out consquences. 
Salvatoris begins like many Hostile rpg adventures with something going very wrong during an assignment on another world but here's where Salvatoris takes a left. The writing is tight and the plot is weirdly interesting. Yes there's room for lots of mayhem but the writing by David Cooper is tight. 
Salvatoris takes full advantage of the Hostile rpg setting conciets and uses them to good effect. The adventure  plot is very different & well thought out. 

There is a lot more going on planet side on LX 410 & there's a Hell of a profit for the PC's company at stake planetside. The usual 'go in and kill em all' isn't going to work on Salvatoris and there's elements of investigation, scientic method, etc. so the adventure is a well made mix of adventure elements. In many ways Salvatoris reminds me of the back comic features of Dark Horse's Alien comics from the Eighties. These features while tying directly into the Alien's universe unscored just how dangerous that universe could be and this is the same thing that we find in Salvatoris. LX 410 is a dangerous planet in a dangerous univese. Salvatoris is a thinking man's adventure & a very well put together adventure that will have the player's thinking well outside their comfort zone. All in all I think that Salvatoris is a solid addition to the Hostile rpg product line up. 

You can find  Salvatoris By David Cooper From Zozer Games For The Hostile Rpg, & the  Cepheus Engine rpg Here

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