Friday, February 11, 2022

OSR Review & Commentary On Distant Lights By Kevin Crawford For Stars Without Number rpg or Your OSR Science Fiction rpgs

 "Distant Lights gives a GM a set of tools to build remote planetary outposts, isolated deep-space asteroid colonies, secretive exile stations, and other far-flung motes of human habitation in the sci-fi void. While written for the Stars Without Number sci-fi role-playing game, the GM tools in Distant Lights are compatible with almost any setting or game system.

On the GM side, get tables for establishing outpost patrons, purposes, governments, and problems, all designed to give the GM a juicy set of conflicts and troubles to power an evening's adventure. Don't know how to spice up that mining outpost the PCs are due to visit next week? Use these tables and get a situation that cries out for the interference of heavily-armed space freebooters.

On the player side, get rules and guidelines for establishing your own offworld settlement, whether as a refuge amid the chaos of an adventuring life or as a profitable enterprise for wresting forth the wealth of uninhabited worlds. Every hero needs a place to rest their head, and an adventurer's work tends to make many worlds unwelcoming to them.

So seize it now, brave adventurer! Whether as a player whetting their appetite for wealth and dominion or a GM seeking an easy night's fun at the table, Distant Lights has the tools you need."

Its been ages since the spine of my Stars Without Numbers Revised rpg book has been cracked & tonight has been the time to do so. Distant Lights By Kevin Crawford has been vexing me for some months sitting on my hard drive & sorta of sitting there staring at me. 
Distant Lights is a part of a series of books that develves into the edges of the SWN revised game and this book deals with the distant outposts & colonies. Distant Lights clocks in at thirty one pages of interstellar tools that allows the DM to randomly create a plethora of exile space stations, cult colonies, areas of uncertain marketeering, and much more. Distant Lights is a good solid set of tools for the DM to vex his players with these areas. 
And while Distant Lights works very well for Stars Without Numbers Revised, the book works equally well to generate these areas for the Worlds Without Number rpg. 

The tool box approach of this book allows the DM to construct outposts, colonies, and other hidden gems of adventure locations without muss or fuss. The method uses the SWN tags systems & incorporates the best approach to a very well thought out series of minor systems to create a whole cloth & original adventure location. This contrasts well with the Worlds Without Numbers rpg. Hidden monostaries, edge of the fringe colony worlds, and exiled locations are only some of the things that the DM can create on the fly. 

Even though Distant Lights By Kevin Crawford is only thirty one pages, these pages are very well spent creating & tagging entire fields of adventure elements. Elements  that make up the whole cloth of an adventure point or location. Given how Distant Lights functions its not hard to imagine that this book could be used for both old school Science Fiction or Fantasy rpging. 
And its this tool box approach that allows Distant Lights to truly shine. And while I know that the SWM crowd knows very well the advantages of Distant Lights. The Worlds Without Number might not. The ideas in Distant Lights takes full advantage of the idea of isolated locations as adventure points & then turns to the volume up to eleven. 
I hightly recommend Distant Lights to the Stars Without Number revised rpg crowd, and the Worlds Without Number DM's out there. The book is classy and well done with the usual standards of Sine Nomine efforts on parade here. Distant Lights is classy & well done. Highly Recommended for both the seasoned pro & the hobbyist DM. 

Distant Lights By Kevin Crawford For Stars Without Number rpg or Your OSR Science Fiction rpgs Is Available Right Here. 

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