Saturday, February 12, 2022

In The Streets Of Shanghai - Zaibatsu rpg side sequel session report & Origin of the New England Boi's

 Riot gas is being hurled into the streets of Shang Hai & the player's PC's are dodging down all back alleys & have exchanged no fire with the CCP military at this time. Instead they've been hauled into the sewers by several criminals who have then demanded to be paid for the 'save'. This game is going to pick up with the action already running from the last game here. 
Things have gone to crap as the CCP's own replicant forces have moved in. They've had it with the on going warfare on the streets of Shanghai. 

The CCP wants the PC's in for questioning as Shoulder of Orion resistence agents on Earth! Along the way the PC's have 'saved' a very young & attractive stripper from the criminals. She is not what she appears to be & the party knows it. 
And so the PC's are brought into the criminal's lair with the girl. And they get jailed 200 feet below the streets of Shanghai while everything above is turned into a house by house search for agents of the Orion Shoulder resistence. 
For the moment the Boi's are on ice and their going to be staying that way. But while in jail they meet an ice cracker & computer wiz named Dr. Zim (look it up but it's a reference to the original Johnny Quest cartoon). 

At the moment,  'Interstellar Search & Rescue'  is devaluing the player's PC's contracts & ready to turn them loose to the CCP if they get the chance. Shanghai Zhou the crime boss of Shanghai wants a word with the Boi's. And things are heating up a bit at the moment, do the players have a new member of the party or a ticking time bomb in their midst?! 

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