Monday, February 7, 2022

Blackguard One Shot Game Adventure Set Up - Hostile Setting & Stars Without Number Rpg Revised One Shot Adventure

 Its been a long while since the Stars Without Numbers Revised book was in my hands & this morning I was talking with a fifth edition running DM friend of mine. Got to pity the guy because he doesn't exactly sound happy with the game he's running. But it brought me back to the Hostile rpg setting book & an idea that's been swirling around the back of my head for some time now. And there's even been a SWN Reddit thread about running the Hostile Setting with SWN Revised here. 
And that's a SWN Hostile one shot based on the old Marvel U.K. title Warheads 

The Slowrobot Starblogged blog has an excellent breakdown of the 1992 Warheads series ; "Warheads were a team of dimension-jumping mercenary scavengers employed by Mys-Tech (the hitherto unknown movers and shakers of this part of Marvel Earth) to jump between worlds and dimensions to grab new technology for the benefit of their employers. " 

"Nick Vince was the writer, Gary Erskine supplied the stunning art and John Freeman was editor" Ages ago I created my own version of the Warheads called the Blackguard who were royalty free versions of the mercenaries who ranged through time & space. The comicbook series would have been solid if they didn't keep running into established Marvel super heroes and anti heroes like Wolverine every other issue. The Warheads were just beginning to find their own feet when the series was cancelled. Marvel Comics were going through many upheavels during the 90's. But we digress. A Blackguard oneshot could have the PC's worm holing into the Hostile universe & dealing with planetary side conditions and complications. But how does one go about this?! Easily, the Blackguard  PC's are created using SWN Revised and the Hostile rpg setting book. Complications come from the Hostile setting book. And your pretty much ready to rock & roll. Planar Holes are holes within hyperspace linking between two points naturally they occur all of the time. The corporation that the Blackguard work for and their will be death. But who cares this is a one shot adventure. 

Another idea here that I'm toying with is using Modern War by Zozer for some of the alien forces that the PC's are going to be facing down. And the complications that the players are going to have to deal with. This campaign one shot is in the planning & thought experiment stage at this point so anything could happen. 

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