Wednesday, February 16, 2022

On The Space Tides - - Session Two Report - Cepheus Engine & Stars Without Number Revised rpg Game

 This play session report is going to pick up where our last one left off on the blog here. The players don't exactly trust me as they've been doing a bit of recon on their target.So they've been asking around several star ports about the Flint Corporation. And they've come up with the fact that their heavily invested in antiquities brokering, military contracts and more in the local sector. The 'Flint Corporation' has heavily pissed off members of the Dark Terror space pirates gang. The Dark Terrors comes from Independence Games 21 Pirate Groups. 

And while asking around they stumbled upon a 'wanted' member of the Dark Terror space pirates gang whose wanted by the crime lord of the Frontier Trading Post. Devel Toricl's crimes are unmentionable but the holo puck for his capture is worth a cool 70,000 credits alive. And the PC's captured the  pirate in a very nifty double cross. 
The players grilled the space pirate about the Flint Corporation and found out about the president's Brightwater-class Personal Yacht which was being used for transporting pre Scream artifacts from Relics of The Lost.  

The PC's are not taking any chances and have the bounty in heavy restrains because their not sure that the NPC's not a heavy gravity  Altrant. And the PC's sedated him before landing back on the Frontier Trading Post where they handed over the space pirate & collected their reward. 

Their employer gave the party charts & approach courses to the Flint corporation's retreat world & its mini star pad. The world is rich in rare minerals & nuclear fuels. The players are very wary and not one has caught on to the significant's of the planet's homage  to original Star Trek's 'Requiem for Methuselah' episode. 

More coming up as the player's PC's buy a star ship on the black market next week! 

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