Sunday, February 20, 2022

Beyond The Normal Bounds of Space - Thoughts on Worlds Without Number & Cepheus Engine rpg

This campaign is going to pick right up from this blog entry here

There's been a ton of thoughts echoing through my brain especially about the  'Worlds Without Number' rpg.  Now incase you've not been reading this blog, I've recently took over from a DM who had passed on after a heart attack. My friend DM Steve passed these six players along who were a part of  a long standing Rift's Phaseworld rpg and they were in a transition phase of the campaign. So we've been doing a Stars Without Number rpg and Cepheus Engine hybrid campaign for the last two months. Its been interesting to say the least.One of these players was a part of our Godbound rpg campaign some months ago. But we've really got to get back into the fantasy or Pulp fantasy end of the campaign. Here's where Sixteen Stars: Creating Places of Perilous Adventure comes in handy. 

Since WWN is a fantasy, we've been wondering about various star ports, outposts, interstellar towns, etc. going to seed. Or have these settlements have interstellar connections.Settlements that continue to trade with the rest of the sector or galaxy?! From what we've talked about WWN is perfectly suited to a linked Stars Without Numbers Revised rpg. This campaign setting would enable the sector's military to bluster their ranks by drafting the most dangerous & able warriors, wizards, etc. 
And here's Sixteen Stars: Creating Places of Perilous Adventure  is also good for creating adventure locations for these fantasy PC's to prove thAnd its here that we believe that there's room for an almost Arthurian element to the campaign. 

For the Clement Sector, this could be one way that the ranks of the military of the outer edges of the sector where the pirates & outlaws hang out get filled in. And this is one of the aspects that I've been toying with for our own campaign. The Clement sector, supplies other sectors especially with everything from food to fuels and it brings to mind the workhorse starships. Starships that could be prey for advanced pirates & outlaws. 

Over the last couple of months thoughts have been occupying my mind with far off hyperspace ports. Places off the normal hyperspace routes & gateways. And it brings me back to Paul Elliot's Godstar as a possible isolated sector of space far from the normal spacer routes. Godstar would make an excellent secondary contact world & sector for traders. Traders would be completely out of their element within the  desert world Aurelia. The Million Suns empire is ancient, alien, and a complete mystery to the normal Stars Without Numbers Revised or  Cepheus Engine rpg adventuring party. 

Now I've talked at length about 
Godstar & it sets up a 'Marco Paulo' style trader campaign with the PC's being exalted 'guests' of the Million Suns empire. And the adventurers being completely out of their own element. The 'fishes out of water' campaign option is tricky & complicated to off but very rewarding when it works in spades. 

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