Wednesday, February 9, 2022

'Who Wants To Take A Trip To The Brothel Planet' - Review & Commentary On 'A Delicate Matter' By Joseph Mohr For The Cepheus Engine & 2d6 Old School Science Fiction Campaigns

 "While in star port the travelers are approached by a terrified looking government official from Fonzaxe. He has a delicate matter that he would like to discuss and assures the travelers that it will prove profitable for them to hear his proposal. He directs the group to a private part of the star port where they can discuss the matter where no one else can overhear the discussions. Apparently an important noble from Fonzaxe recently died on the planet Tronxa. Jacob Rossi was heir to the throne on Fonzaxe."

"However he died under circumstances that would be extremely embarrassing to the crown of Fonzaxe. Tronxa is a pleasure planet. The entire planet is one big brothel. Ladies are brought from all over the sector to provide personal services to the clients who can afford to visit Tronxa. The exact circumstances of the death are a mystery. There does not appear to have been any foul play but Jacob Rossi was believed to have been in good health before visiting this pleasure world."

 Oh this is a juicy adventure for the Cepheus Engine rpg by Joseph Mohr & its part 'who done it'.  A Delicate Matter is also a twenty page adventure that has all of the ingrediants of being a very fun adventure! This seems like a straight forward adventure and its not! There are some solid twists & turns here. A Delicat Matter is a 'pay what you want' adventure. And there's lots here that could & will go wrong in 'A Delicate Matter'.  The set up seems cut and dry, keep the interstellar news reporters from getting a hold of the story of the death of  the crown of Fonzaxe on a pleasure planet. Seems simple enough right?! The layout is well done, the cartgraphy is solid, and the adventure locations are well done. There's just enough here to keep the player's PC's going from one adventure encounter to another. In 'A Delicate Matter'  the NPC's are well statted & everything here works on table top level. 'A Delicate Matter' is perfectly suited to work in a straight up Cepheus Engine rpg interstellar campaign with all of the bells & whistles. Why?! 

Because its perfectly suited to run through for a few sessions of an evening's entertainment with Cepheus Engine. 'A Delicate Matter' is perfectly suited to those less then legal & not quite shady Cepheus Engine rpg campaigns. There's just enough of a point for some rough & tumble combat that could make things very interesting. A Delicate Matter is highly recommended for Cepheus Engine and its 2d6 rpg  deriviative systems. 

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