Tuesday, February 1, 2022

The Gift From Shanghai - Zaibatsu rpg side sequel session report & Origin of the New England Boi's

 Our campaign Hostile rpg universe is an unsual place in that the PC's in our regular group have a replicant among them. How the New England Boi's got together is never discussed but we recently revisited it over the weekend when the snow stopped. 

The Battle of Shanghai started when two rival corporations went to war with both the Shanghai & Chinese governments over the interstellar rights of the Outer Colonies. And our player's PC's found themselves right in the middle of the action. The action kicked off over the colonies on the Shoulder of Orion tried to declare their independence from thier corporate masters. Things heated up rather quickly with the CCR claiming protection on the colonists & the corporations heating things up with replicant forces & gene enhanced forces moving into the streets of Shanghai. Several of our players were with 'Interstellar Search & Rescue' and on shore leave when the action comes down. They had a chance to stand down or get involved.  They chose to get involved. 

At the time attack ships were engaging with corporate forces off of Orion's shoulder & the corporate troops had Shanghai locked down. The PC's got involved right out of the gate trying to get out of the city before things began to pop off but it was too late. Someone fired the first shot & the crew mixed it up with several gene enhanced soldiers. The PC's were caught in the fire fight and marked by the corporations. They grabbed a wounded soldier who was about to be offed by his corporate officier lest he fall into rival corporate hands. 
Now the PC's are bogged down inside Shanghai & the citizens of Shanghai are caught in the cross fire. The attack ships off of Orion's Shoulder  are already on fire & the bit for independance has been put down. And now its clean up time. The PC's didn't know each other have banded together and marked as part of the Orion colony resistence by the corporations. They are under eleminatation orders. And now its a rat race through the mazes & streets of Shanghai as the CCR is moving in their own military to take out the corporate forces. Will the Boi's survive?! 

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