Sunday, February 6, 2022

All We See Is An OSR Dream Within A Dream - Laurence & Heard - Ben Laurnence's Through Ultan's Door & Bruce Heard's Calidar Campaign Setting Part II

 Skyships trading with other realms, the dreamlands of the weird intruding on other realities, barbarian hordes threatening the realms, and even Lovecraftian weirdness seeping into reality. This is campaign that was started back in June you can read about it here on the blog. 

Today I sat down with DM Steve & DM Iris at lunch for a bit of a powow over the lingering campaign that was started back in June of 2021. Scheduling being what it is with work & such not much materialized. But its gotten me thinking about both Calidar &  Ben Laurnence's Through Ultan's Door dreamlands. 

Is there several problems with Calidar?! No unless  you count the fact that the product line is extremely expansive. And so its a question of concentrating on one aspect of Bruce Heard's campaign setting. 

DM Iris has had a number of wrinkles that have come from real life because of Covid & the resulting pandemic.

Calidar is high fantasy with the knobs turned up to elven and then some with elements of Steampunk thrown into the mix as well. Skyships are the norm & Calidar as a series works very well. Personally, we'll be concentrating on series two & series three of Calidar.   Calidar's sky ships have been trading their way through the dreamlands for decades. And there's been more then a bit of friction between the wizard power blocks over some of the trade opportunities. These are going to be regular D&D characters & not Godbound BTW. 
Meanwhile, Ben Laurence's series of adventures  has moved on quite a bit & it means quite a bit of reading on DM Steve & myself's part. And give the amount of sheer world building Ben does its gonna be interesting. 

This campaign is gonna end up someplace between High Fantasy & Sword & Sorcery in my estimation. Ben Laurence's worlds are weird, dangerous, and filled with lots of opportunities. 

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