Tuesday, June 29, 2021

All We See Is An OSR Dream Within A Dream - Laurence & Heard - Ben Laurnence's Through Ultan's Door & Bruce Heard's Calidar Campaign Setting

 There's been some weird Summer storms tonight. We've been talking Godbound/ BECMI Dungeons & Dragons rpg tonight. Specifically the impact that Ben Laurnence's Through Ultan's Door dreamlands has been having on the ongoing campaigns.

 DM/player Iris brought up the fact that we haven't been ulitzing Bruce Heard's Calidar campaign setting. There's an on going kickstarter for Calidar "Alfdaín Ascendant" right now & Calidar being closely tied as a fantasy Renissence setting could potentially crossover into our current  dreamland campaign. This is going to mean that as players & DM's there's going to be a lot of catching up to do. 

There's gonna be a ton of backgroud material & speed reading to do if I'm going to play catch up to Iris's lofty ideas. The idea here is that the mystic ships of Calidar have been sailing between planes for eons. The realm of dreams is only one of these planes. Her suggestion was to look deep into H.P.Lovecraft's The Dream Quest of Kadath & Bruce Heard's Wings of Darkness.

For Ben Laurnence's Through Ultan's Door  Calidar might actually offer my player's PC's an actual high fantasy world from which to adventure in the exotic dreamworlds. The Godbound are not going to be actually all that powerful within the world of dreams per say. And is there a chance that they may actually become trapped within disintgrating dreamworld?! There's all kinds of implications here perhaps my own take on Calidar as a setting mixed with the psuedo 
Renaissance seen through the Godbound lens?! 

Calidar itself has more then a few  incredible adventuring opportunities but throw the dreamlands in & the skys really are the limits. DM Iris has her work cut out for her from here on out.But its gonna be on my own & DM Steve to sort out some of the wrinkles within this campaign idea. We're shooting for the Fall or possbly sooner depending how much things get back to normal & how quickly. 

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