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Bigger Things & H.P. Lovecraft -- Cepheus Engine rpg & The Gerry Anderson Factor Continues

" What nights retard thee, O Sirius !

Thy light is as a spear,
And thou penetratest them
As a warrior that stabbeth his foe
Even to the center of his life.
Thy rays reach farther than the gulfs;
They form a bridge thereover
That shall endure till the links of the universe
Are unfastened, and drop apart,
And all the gulfs are one,
Dissevered by suns no longer.

How strong art thou in thy place !
Thou stridest thine orbit,
And the darkness shakes beneath thee,
As a road that is trodden by an army.
Thou art a god
In thy temple that is hollowed with light
In the night of infinitude,
And whose floor is the lower void;
Thy worlds are as priests and ministers therein.
Thou furrowest space,
Even as an husbandman,
And sowest it with alien seed;
It beareth alien fruits,
And these are thy testimony,
Even as the crops of his fields
Are the testimony of an husbandman."

Chant to Sirius  (1912) 
Clark Ashton Smith

Artwork by Andrea Bonazzi used without permission. 

This blog entry picks up right where the last one left off.  Space in a Seventies style retro science fiction alternative 1980's  Earth contiuum is gonna be a very dangerous place. The extens
ional threats are going to stack up fast. 

Apollo 16, 1972. Unofficial picture from the Fox William Mulder archives provide by Andrea Bonazzi

The Earth's moon has been wrenched from its orbit by higher dimensional powers. The Earth itself lies in ruins & every alien threat sees this as an opportunty to cash in on the wreckage that seems to be humanity. The corporations step in & order within a few short years say five or so is restored. But at what cost?! The public by this point across the globe is gun shy. 
 One of the keys to this is  Michael Brown's Omega 99 campaign setting.  Omega 99 offers a moon with some interesting alien neighbors in the form of  the Edari, the Kahgg, and the Mecharchs.  These neighbors might be familiar to the inhabitants of Earth. But its the inhabitants of Zeta Reticulan that may be the envoys to 'help' the Earth. Coming out of  the United States spacecraft Discovery One mission  bound for Jupiter is the possible fact that the signal from the monolith may have alerted other aliens to the Earth. This is never touched upon in the film 2001 A Space Odyssey. But its implied in Arthur C. Clark's short story  'The Sentinel'. 

If we continue on this route with the established history then Earth is on the galactic books of cosmic powers. The alien races out in the cosmos are not going to sit by likely. But does it matter?! One of the themes of U.F.O. is the fact that both the humans & alien higher dimensional powers are both screwed. Against an increasingly hostile universe. There was almost but not quite a team up. What happens if during the turmoil of the events of Space 1999's moon disappearance a Lovecraftian client race like the Mi Go come into focus on mankind's radar? If we take some of the  Lovecraftian  material from Paul Dyre's Shadow Fall. Then the Mi Go might be 'helping' from the shadows for decades until 1980. The reason is simple. The U.F.O. aliens are not only competition but possible allies. There are some deeply dangerous races & entities out in the universe. The Mi Go are nothing if not alienly pragmatic,. Zozer Games's 2100 is the perfect supplement to handle the Eagle program. This is  after the disappearance of the U.F.O. aliens. 
Did they disappear or did they integrate into humanity?! Have these aliens carefully been relocated within Earth society after the Moon was wretched from orbit?! 
These alien races might actually be serving the alien higher dimensional powers behind the monolith. The U.F.O aliens test humanity's mettle, then ally with them, relocate to Earth, and then the Mi Go reveal themselves to reveal the 'secrets' of the Hyperspace drive. And then is the next glorious step in the every expanding chain of history's events. Where is all of this going?! There's more to this we can be sure of this even while H.P. Lovecraft assures us that we are insignificant against an uncaring universe. But its actually the Eagle Program that reveals part of the equation here. 

The powers behind the monolith on Earth's moon had interactions with the alien races that mankind had encountered before. The Mi Go, the Elder Things, the U.F.O. alien essences, & even 'The Close Encounter of the Third Kind' beings. But those belong to a 'rogue power' if you will.  But all bets are off once mankind get's Hostile's Hyperspace jump. 
This was a part of wrenching the moon from Earth's obit to test the mettle of humanity. Mankind is a valuable resource & one that 'These Stars Are Ours'  setting knows about. But then again these alien life forms are also insignificant against the blackness of space & the Lovecraftian 'gods' . When it really comes into focus is in Hostile. 

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