Thursday, June 17, 2021

'The Tentacles From Planet X' From 'The Mist' 2007 Adapted For Cepheus Engine, Cepheus Atom, & Hostile Rpg Setting

 'The tentacles from planet X' come from 'The Between Place' also known as the Mist. Within this plane is a very alien macro ecology filled with alien Lovecraftian life forms.  'The tentacles from planet X' are such a life form able to tear off chunks of flesh from their prey easily. But these life forms are actually complex omnivores able to digest anything that comes into the hundreds of mouths that line their tentacles. These things are aggressive & highly dangerous  predators within their own right. 

Each tentacle weights hundreds of pounds & is equipped with hundreds of alien sensors, taste buds, and other sense organs. They taste their surroundings as they move able to taste even color. The tentacles are aggressive in the extreme equipped with hundreds of miniature fang covered mouths & sharp teeth like spikes. Flesh is no match for the inner fang lined maw that tips each tentacle. What the tentacles belong to remains a mystery. 

'The tentacles from planet X' main bodies are shrouded within a blanket of fog like cloying alien mist. The tentacles come a huge variety of sizes & so each one is capable of piercing flesh, cloth, and other obstacles in their never ending search for food. 
The alien main body surrounded in a strange fog like mist that protects the main creature. The tentacles will dissolve into a stinking cloud like liquid if cut from the main body. 
'The tentacles from planet X' are often found within the towers of wizards or black warlocks who employ them as ever hungry guardians for occult secrets. But the 'The tentacles from planet X' are also found anyplace where dimensional breaches or worm holes have occurred.  'The Between Place' dimension takes advantage of such breeches to fill in & expand its own planar domains. 

'The tentacles from planet X' take full advantage of such expansions to increase the area for their own species to expand its ever feasting reach! The monsters have been found increasingly upon a wide variety of planets, planes Prime, & other dimensional locations. 

'The Tentacles from planet X'
21/44, Move 6m (swim or slither), Armor 4, Beak (melee 3D damage) and 8x arms (melee 2D damage each). Combat-3, Physical-3, Survival-1. Gigantism, 
Evaporate - The Tentacle if damaged or severed from the main trunk of tentacles will dissolve into a foul smelling liquid in 1d6 seconds. There are some occult theories which state that resulting left over alien sludge can be collected to be used in a 'summon horror ritual' used to call the tentacles 

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