Friday, June 18, 2021

On The Track of The Werewolf! - My PC Had His Throat Ripped Out On My Birthday! - Castles & Crusades Greyhawk Play Session Report


During last night's Castles & Crusades 's Greyhawk  birthday game we were sent into investigate the killings being done by a pack of werewolves. What came next is a study in horror & depravity. Just outside the Village of Hommlet something had been killing villagers. That something was supernatural & in DM Steve's game it went down that my barbarian warrior Crogar was drafted into the game. 
Villagers had been found with their throats ripped out & wolf tracks changing into man's had been found. 

The party consisted of an Elven tracker 4th level (ranger), a wizard 5th, A Dwarven fighter 5th level, and an Amazon warrior 5th level  played by Gwen Steve's sister. Crogar was armed with a battle ax we were using Adventurer,Conqueror, King rpg  Lairs & Encounters  for the werewolf den. Or so we thought!?! 

The Elven Tracker & my PC tracked the were wolves to their lair only there were seven heavily armed men on horseback there?! And that's when we heard the twig snap behind us. We reached for our dice for imitative & failed! The damn dice were against us! Our last sight was a man putting on a strange furred cloak & both of our PC's being throated by a wolf! As we bled out the barbarian tribe's bandit chief explained that he & his men were using the former werewolf den as base as they worked the area for a set of bosses the lidless eye. If they killed some of the farmer's surrounding Hommlet then they would be rewarded with becoming real werewolves.The bandit chief was using a wolf cloak from Mishler Games 'A Myriad of Magic Items'   Gurgle & fade to black! Will our party find our bodies?! What does all of this mean. But a more important personal question becomes the following?! 

Is Crogar & the Elven tracker valuable enough for the adventuring party to resurrect?! The party will definitely have the Elf resurrected because of relations with his tribe. But my barbarian?! 

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