Thursday, June 3, 2021

OSR Lovecraftian Commentary - Flying Buffalo's Citybook Series & And The Sea Shall Give Up Her Dead By Joseph Mohr From Old School Role Playing

" As the adventurers arrive at a sleepy little sea side town not all is as it seems. The town is under attack by pirates. But these are no ordinary pirates. These pirates are undead and their nightmare ship is just off shore waiting for the plunder to be brought aboard. This adventure allows the players to explore the mystery of these undead buccaneers and find out why they still sail the seas."

This blog entry picks right up from here. So DM Paul challenged me to find a beginning OSR adventure with a nautical feel & yet had the backing for an expanded mini Lovecraftian campaign. Enter Josephe Mohr's 'And The Sea Shall Give Up Her Dead' a pay what you want OSR adventure for OSRIC . This adventure could easily be set on the outskirts of Saltmarsh's other towns. With Saltmarsh being the larger town  a few years before the events of the 'U' series. This gives the PC's familiarity with the Saltmarsh region & also gives the small town of Seaside a Lovecraftian underbelly. Seaside itself is a party to a Lovecraftan legacy;"Zanzia is a country in my gaming world but you are free to place Sea Side in a suitable location in yours. The town has a secret history which will become apparent soon after the players begin investigating these undead pirates that are plaguing the town. The players will discover, in time, that Sea Side is not so innocent in this affair. The undead do not rest because of things that the townspeople have done." This could easily be reworked into the Cult of Mother Hydra & Father Dagon ala  Eldritch Tales: Lovecraftian White Box By Raven God Games.  Why?! Because the pirates were looking at another juicy offer ala the Slavers from  A0- A4 'Against The Slave Lords'.

This easily ties back into the  the Freakshow section of the urban landscape with the lord of the underworld of Freakshow a party to the curse of Seaside. The situation is very unstable & almost dreamlike. And its this instability that allows the DM to play a bit. The waking world & the real world crossover with dreams of vengence. 

These dreams of vengence cross into the real world & the dreams of a cabal with its ties to City Book's Port 'O call in Lamentations of the Flame Princess's 'The Squid, The Old Man, & the Cabal'.  The lodge & the events surrounding it all tie into the Cult of Dagon & undead pirates. But there's more even this going on! 

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