Friday, June 25, 2021

The Alien Beast From 'Cabin In The Woods' Film Adapted For Cepheus Engine, Cepheus Atom, & Hostile Rpg Setting


Artwork & picture from the personal archives of Dr. Henry Walton Jones, Jr. by Andrea Bonazzi
Used without Permission 

Found by the Nazi  Antarctic  expedition of Nineteen Forty One to the Mountains of Madness. The Alien Beast or Außerirdische Bestie attacked & implanted three German soldiers. Projektabschnitt vierundfünfzig took over the handling of the beast. And  quickly disposed of the entire half of the expedition that may have been exposed to the creature. Runouts of the use  of flame throwers persists to this day. The 'Alien Beast' attacks as a traditional 'face hugger' but the dragons created from the implantation of the creature's embryo's warriors are far more insect like & savage. 

The official consensus among officers of the Projektabschnitt vierundfünfzig was that the Außerirdische Bestie had been genetically modified by the Elder Things for unknown purposes. The Außerirdische Bestie is a savage & violent creature capable of holding multiple alien embryos up to six of the abominations. These monsters have also been found within Elder Thing ruins on Bernard's star & even within the other dimensional 'Near By'. The creature has been nicked named Hans Ruedi in honor of the drafted Swiss Nazi officier who was the monster's first victim. 


Explorers or adventurers who come too close to areas of Elder Thing influence should use extreme caution near their ruins. We are still trying to determine what these abomination's true purpose was. The monster & its eggs have also been found in strange silo like pyramids within the Inner Earth. The true reach of the Elder Thing's influence upon these abominations is unknown at this time. 

Alien Beast  Impregnator 2 Kg Str 4 (-1) Dex 7 (0) End 4 (-1) Int 0 (-2) Inst 8 (0) No. Appearing: 1 Speed: x1 (6m/rd) Armor: 4 Weapons: claw+2 (special: successful attack indicates the creature has fastened onto host’s face and the host is knocked unconscious) Attack: Automatic Flee: 4-

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