Friday, June 18, 2021

The Vastatosaurus rex ("ravager lizard king") From Peter Jackson's "King Kong" (2005 film) Adapted For Cepheus Engine, Cepheus Atom, & Hostile Rpg Setting


The Vastatosaurus rex ("ravager lizard king")  or V Rex has migrated from the confines of the former Skull Island & Inner Earth environs. These V Rex is a mid tier predator capable of ripping apart just about anything short of some of the smaller  Kaiju. The V Rex has moved into the wasteland jungles of the post apocalyptical  Earth. The mutant species of wasteland cause very little mutation in the V-Rex species. Many scientist believe that the V-Rex is such a hardy species that their genetic make up offers little for the mutational vectors of the post apocalyptic Earth. 

With a powerful bite, clawed legs, & a fluid gait the Vastatosaurus rex ("ravager lizard king") represents a real threat in the savage wastelands of the ravaged Earth. Because of these extensively predator's range they have been captured & used on a variety of worlds where the Mi Go run operations. The uncontrolled savagery of the V Rex offers a perfect killing & guarding machine for the Mi Go. Chemical cues, psionics, & flat out mind control allow the Mi Go to run the V Rex where & when they want them in a number alien jungle worlds. The mind of the V Rex is a violent and savage place enabling the dinosaur to shake off many psionic control abilities. This only emboldened the Mi Go to go more extreme methods including sonic fields & even cybernetic implant control devices. 
 Vastatosaurus rex ("ravager lizard king"
#appearing 1d6 indicating a pack of V Rex 
24/50, Move 10m , Armor 7, Bite (melee 5D damage) and 2 claws (melee 2D each),Combat-3, Physical-2, Survival-1

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