Sunday, June 6, 2021

Boots on the Ground - Mini Cepheus Engine Hostile Setting & Campaign Starter

"Introduction to HOSTILE is a short summary and taster of the popular gritty science-fiction roleplaying game called HOSTILE. Over 31 pages, find out what horrors and challenges your players will face, get a flavour of the types of harsh Off-World colonies that litter the setting and read about the task system and the kinds of characters it can create. 

The booklet features fiction from the setting, a complete shuttlecraft (including deckplan), a typical starship crew and over a dozen example plot hooks. Included is a complete list of all the HOSTILE supplements and companion roleplaying games produced so-far by Zozer Games. 

Open the hatch and step outside. Yes, its dangerous and you may die in one of a dozen horrific ways - but ... that's exciting isn't it...? "

In space no one can  hear you scream, & in Hostile sometimes its all about getting to know Paul Elliott's universe settting. For our little group its been a bit a pick up & go affair with Hostile. Because of the familiarity of the orginal Traveller & the  Stars Without Number rpg campaigns. These were inspired by Seventies & Eighties cultclassic Sci fi & Space Opera films. Hostile was no brainer intergalactic campaign setting. The fact that the DM's & players folded,spindle, & mutilated the high holy Hell out of it is another on going story. To deal with the intro you'll need 1970s 2D6 RETRO RULES to hit the ground with player's  PC's. 
For many Hostile is gonna make them scratch their heads?! Because its sorta like the Alien universe but not really?! The Introduction to Hostile pick up the ball off the pitch & begins running with it. In thirty one pages we get intro, deck plans, & lead in! What you get is the start of a mini campaign run! But what you'll really need is a quick intro adventure & encounter! Meet Hostile Situation Report 001 - Ghost Ship which gives you all of the basic encounter necessities to get you & your players off & running! 
A mayday signal draws the PCs to a lonely gas giant, and a starship in an extremely low, atmosphere-grazing orbit. There's no response ... can the crew be saved? Are they even still alive?

But ultimately you as the DM need an NPC villain?! Got you covered with Baosheng,who could be a villain or a valuable contact for the PC's depending upon the needs of the party. He plays a significant role in an upcoming campaign arch. But the secrets are as follows; "Meet Baosheng, a veteran Snakehead operating in the Off-World colonies. His syndicate specialises in techno-crime and the theft of shuttle craft. He has a job you might like ... it's just a pity you're a deniable asset and he is posing as a legit businessman. What could go wrong?" Well everything is going to! 

And that's sort of everything that you'll need to court a min campaign from the ground up & a very solid introduction to the Hostile universe. Except if you want to expand upon it. Which I strongly suggest two resources one is Zaibatsu which is one of the strongest 2d6  cyberpunk rpg  rule set's out there. And a solid copy of Moon Toad Games Cepheus Engine for reference & back up

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