Friday, June 4, 2021

Friday Mail Call - Troll Lords & Frog God Games In The House!

 Jason Vey's Amazing Adventures fifth edition has been on my brain now for some days going into a Lovecraftian campaign coming up. Got to say that  its very different then let's say Fifth edition Dungeons & Dragons. 

Amazing Adventures handles the Pulp & Modern elements better then 5 edition. 

Horror has consequences in this game. 

AA can do D&D adventures without the bad issues of the fifth edition system. 

Thanks to the Frog God Games Humble bundle some months ago there's additional Lovecraftian material available to run with. 


And now onwards with the Frog God Games adventures! The gentleman who had to part with these was really upset after his wife approached me about buying them on the cheap! There's months & months of goodness here but its gonna be a question of working this stuff into the on going campaign! 

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