Thursday, February 24, 2022

Ghost of the Goya - - - Session Three Report - Cepheus Engine & Stars Without Number Revised rpg Game


Well, my players have been doing a bit of bounty hunting in our Cepheus Engine/Stars without Numbers rpg campaign and things just got real complicated. The PC's have been hanging out at the Frontier Trading Post & this picks up right from this blog entry here.   And they caught up with the Flint Corporations  president's Brightwater-class Personal Yacht which was being used for transporting pre Scream artifacts from Relics of The Lost.   And while he wasn't on it they down loaded the complete data base from the ship. 

Just as an easter egg I threw in the fact that the Flint Corporation was finiancing the starship Goya to go look for the flying Dutchman of space the starship Warden. This was only supposed to be an Easter Egg  & down the road the party might look for it. Umm no! They dug in deeper instead shaking down their latest bounty to find out the extent of the Flint Corporation's involvement in securing certain experimental nuclear fuels for the corporate mission. 

So things start getting real interesting real fast as the party dives into the connections between the Scream & the disappearance of the biggest space going story ever, the disappearance of the Starship Warden. Every school kid knows the last known heading of the Warden but its only recently that the space pirates have located a hyperspace shadow of the Warden. And those are the Dark Terror space pirates one of whom they just busted. 
And the space pirates weren't the only ones in search of the Warden. The infamous space tyrant Logan Murphy was as well. Which means their taking a side jaunt to Cebus Three the communications world of the universe. The party knows that a cyberdecker named Bobby Daystrom ( a clone of Richard Daystrom) has the hyperspace course that the Goya took to get the Warden. But they have no idea where he is. So the party is going to be doing a bit of hard core investigation to find him on the street level. 

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