Monday, September 13, 2021

Mail Call & Quick Review of Zozer Games Hostile Setting Book Redesign

Things are up to Lulu's usual packing standards & that right there pisses me off but fortunately we're not in the New England Winter weather.. yet. Say what you want about Troll Lord Games but they package their stuff right. 

The revised  Hostile rpg setting book arrived from Lulu & its glorious colour. This is a from the ground up redesign & it shows in the product. The graphics are great, the layout top notch, & the 2d6 redesign is tight. 

This isn't eye popping colour here but instead an easy to read background job with all kinds of little details & revamps in certain places that allow the DM to easily read the rules. The redesign by the Zozer Games time is on point with worlds, places, etc slotted in for easy access. 

The redesign puts a ton of the 2d6  tools for Eighties & Nineties science fiction action back into the hands of the players & DM's with Hostile. The Hostile Setting 2d6 rule book will becoming out later this year. This is going to be a from the bottom up redesign & tightening up of their version of the 2d6 Science Fiction rules which will now be based on the 2d6  Modern Warfare engine

From what we're seeing this is 100% compatible with Hostile's older product lines such as Crew Expendable, Alien Breeds, etc. This is heartening for the consumer as their not going to have to completely revamp their entire library. The book is a thing of beauty & its a really nice redesign of the original book. Far more in line with the quality of the older other Hostile products.  
The heart of Hostile is the corporations, marines, etc. which are all within the circle of Alien franchises as a part of the circle of inspiration & the redesign keeps that same heart & soul intact. 

The revised  Hostile rpg setting book feels like an old friend rather then a brand new product & its going to get a work out coming up this Wednesday. The The USCS Hercules – a complete commercial towing vessel that comes with the game feels like a Hostile adventurer's vessel. A vessel just waiting in the darkness of space moving from world to world as the retro future of Hostile churns around it. 

Zozer Games Hostile Setting Book Redesign hold up?! In a world of Kickstarters, over edition fatigue, and complete OSR overburden yes it does! This sucker was worth the wait. The revised  Hostile rpg setting book holds up because its a setting book for a great gaming system. Everything ready to go! 

You can get three different options

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