Tuesday, September 28, 2021

Home is Where The Hell is - Paul Elliot's Zaibatu rpg & Postcards from Avalidad by Miguel Ribeiro, & Manuel Souza Combined

 “Desperation is the raw material of drastic change. Only those who can leave behind everything they have ever believed in can hope to escape. ”
― William S. Burroughs
Now let's pick it up where we left off yesterday within Postcards from Avalidad by Miguel Ribeiro, &  Manuel Souza combining it with Zozer Games Zaibatsu rpg  How can the cutting edge technologies, psionics, etc. be incorporated from Postcards from Avalidad into Zaibatu?! There are no such item & abilities in Zaibatu?! Well actually that's the easy part of all of this. And one of the reasons why your PC's are in Avalidad

Avalidad is the cutting edge beyond the normal corporate world of Zaibatsu even the bio gene therapies and bio punk weirdness of Earth. Avalidad has many of the weird & exotic technologies of JG Ballard and William S. Burroughs. This includes the psionics & weirdness of Avalidad for which Stellagemma's Variant Psionics springs to mind to help shoulder some of the mind muscle from the setting. 

Whatever you do don't explain the psionics or deadliness Avalidad because this place is interzone on steroids. This is a place or a need given alien form & the PC's are here to either be devoured by it or rip it off perhaps both. The world of Avalidad is the ragged cutting edge of the cyberpunk marketplace given form & function. The surrealness comes from it taking the PC's apart bit by bit over adventures. 

Now there's a Clive Barker style aspect to  Postcards from Avalidad by Miguel Ribeiro, &  Manuel Souza. And those rpg aspects remind me of Mr.Barker book's 'The Damnation Game'. I don't want to say which aspects & no I'm not planning on ripping off Mr. Barker so much as borrowing a piece or two of his supernaturalism &  exoticism that the book has. 


Some people will do anything for immortality & even death isn't the final escape that we think it is on Avalidad's alleyways. But to the players its simply another job. Another job they may walk away from but will they walk away with their souls intact?! 
Zone Tec just might have their work cut out for them.. 

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