Friday, September 17, 2021

First impressions of 'The Adventurers Spellbook' PDF For Castles & Crusades Rpg

 Just recieved my copy of the 'The Adventurers Spellbook' pdf  from Troll Lord Games Kickstarter & my first impressions on the book start now. 'The Adventurers Spellbook'  is massive clocking in at two hundred & fifty eight pages of Castles & Crusades spell goodness. 

Why is this book so massive?! Well, 'The Adventurers Spellbook' is a compilation of the spells scattered across a number of Castle & Crusades resources:

  • All the spells from the PHB
  • All the spells from the Adventurers Backpack
  • All the spells from Elemental Spells
  • All the spells from the Players Guide to Aihrde
  • Spells from Amazing Adventures Companion
  • All the manifold piles of spells that pop up in other source material and adventures
  • A complete run of Rune Magic Runes, all 8 Codices
  • Chromatic Mage from Hallowed Oracle
'The Adventurers Spellbook' seems to be well organized with an actual table of contents & the book seems to deliver on its promise of ,'The Adventurers Spellbook will be a resource for the ages! ' The book starts off with the Arcane & Divine magical spells via level and description. Then dives into the complete listing of all Rune Magic Runes including all eight codices. Chromatic Mage & magick gets a decent covering in this book from the Hallow Oracle campaign setting. 

Does  'The Adventurers Spellbook'  live up to the hype?! That's a good question & with the continued release of Troll Lord's Castle & Crusade bigger, badder, & more complete rulebooks this seems to be the case. Is  'The Adventurers Spellbook'  worth getting?! That's a good question & my anwer goes like this. If you are a Castles & Crusades player, dungeon master, or C&C fanatic then the answer is yes! If your casual player?! Possibly because if your one of those guys who only plays mages or wizards then  'The Adventurers Spellbook'  is going to be an invaluable guide I feel. As a magical reference for both Amazing Adventures & Castles & Crusades  'The Adventurers Spellbook'   is going to be indespensible for the DM or player of these games. 
Is the  'The Adventurers Spellbook'  specialized?! You bet your behind it is?! But its worth having for the spells & reference for the Siege Engine & Castles & Crusades itself. 

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