Wednesday, September 29, 2021

Review & Commentary On 'The Giants Wrath' By Brian Young From Troll Lord Games For Castles & Crusades Or Your Old School Seige Engine rpg Campaign

 "In the grey seas and dark skies of turbulent chaos, you see a long black dragon-shaped ship. A dozen massive oars on each side row to the beat of a thundering drum. Tall, harsh-faced and dark-hued, fully-armored forms walk the deck, shouting orders in terrifying voices . . . the Formians come again."

"A power has risen in the Otherworld, it drives the storms upon the shores with such force that they batter the earth and grind the rocks. Those ill fortuned enough to dwell near the sea hide in terror at the fury of the storm unleashed. But it is not the storm they fear, it is the giants that ride the foamy surf. Formians! Giants of the old world they come, riding long ships across the mad-capped seas to surge up against the settlements of men; raiding with wild abandon, plundering, burning, hauling off treasures and slaves with few to impede their crimes."

"But there is method here, something, or someone drives the Formians, pushing them to reckless heights. Who and why are tangled in the intrigues of local lords, wizards, and their sons. It is yours to unravel the Gordian knot that is The Giants Wrath."

"This adventure is about the terrible raiding that the Sea Giants are doing to the coastal villages in the Mortal world and the sinister plans of their leader, a human wizard called the Stormgazer. In the progress of these adventures, the characters must make their way across the seas to the Otherworld to confront the wizard and his Giants and put an end to the terror."

"This story deals with many strands of Celtic mythology, both Irish and Welsh, and places them in the context of a fantasy setting that is easily integrated into Castle & Crusades’ Aihrde. This series of adventures places the characters into a tough and brutal story where there is little subtlety once the blood begins to flow."

'The Giants Wrath' By Brian Young is the perfect module for Castles & Crusades to pick up right from the Halloween theme that we've been carrying on from 'The Goblins of Mount Shadow'. Here the Grey Kimg has risen & is shaking up the Celtic Otherworld & the Formorians have answered the call. This is not an easy adventure but serves as a nice bridge gap into the dark Celtic campaign world of Castles & Crusades Codex Celtarum 2nd Printing! 

'The Giants Wrath' By Brian Young isn't any easy adventure by any means & will present a real challenge to player's PC's. This is a module  designed for 3-4 characters at 3rd- 8th level or higher, with predominantly rangers, fighters, warriors and wizards at the ready. 

'The Giants Wrath' takes up the Celtic mythology & turns it up to eleven because of the inclusion of giants & their kin. And there are shades of horror with these killers of mankind. The Fey here are at the center of the module & they are used very well. There are some solid encounters with many different C&C favorites & its the unity of the module that unites the adventure elements within  'The Giants Wrath".  'Giants Wraith' is a good bridge gap module to bring the party into a dark Celtic mythological campaign with Halloween's spectre lurking over it! But what other C&C powers are  involved?! 
'The Giants Wrath' By Brian Young From Troll Lord Games For Castles & Crusades
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