Thursday, September 23, 2021

Reviews & Commentary 100 Undead (Dark Fantasy) From Chaos Factory by Eric Diaz For Your Old School Campaign

"100 Dark Fantasy Undead is a collection of undead creatures for your dark fantasy games. There are undead of all types here... the creepy, the funny, the scary, etc. 

"There are no statistics or mechanics here; this is moslty a collection of ideas. " So I've been looking into variant undead for my upcoming Halloween campaign & 100 Undead (Dark Fantasy) From Chaos Factory by Eric Diaz..   100 Undead (Dark Fantasy)  is an undead & monster banaza.  100 Undead (Dark Fantasy)  is perfect for OSR games.

We can see this in the introduction;"This book is a collection of undead creatures. Like other books from the Dark Fantasy line, it focuses on the grim, creepy and scary. However, it came out a bit darker than planned. There is nothing here that you wouldn’t see in a horror movie, but some of the themes are quite heavy. You’ve been warned! This book doesn’t follow the tradition “bestiary” approach, with a collection of monsters and statistics. The goal is not opening the book when you need a monster on the fly. Instead, each entry is a collection of visuals, stories and ideas for your games. Some monsters are distinguished by appearance, others by origins or goals (or all of these things). Some monsters are connected by a single theme or idea. Some are cooler, scarier or funnier than others. I tried to avoid the obvious and trite, and hope I have succeed (if not 100 times, at least most times)."

 100 Undead (Dark Fantasy)  is a rpg system agnoistic supplement & paints its monsters very nastily.  100 Undead  is perfect for games like Lamentations of the Flame Princess rpg & even games such as Castles & Crusades. Here's an example of the type of undead that we say ; "Porcupine zombie. As the name indicates, the porcupine zombie is bursting with sharp, long spikes. In life, this creature was infected with the bonespike plague. This disease eventually kills the hosts by piercing the internal organs. Out of ten infected, seven die after a week, one fully recovers, one lives on with great bone deformities, and one turns into a porcupine zombie. The creature tries to impale the living in its spikes, further spreading the disease"

Because we're going to be doing a campaign that centers on a material planet that intersects with the Negative material plane that is invading our campaign world. Because of this this a campaign where horror reigns   100 Undead (Dark Fantasy)  are going to be very unexpected undead types to visit upon the player's PC's. This Halloween  adventure event is going to be covering some surprise monsters. 
One of the OSR books that works well with 
 100 Undead (Dark Fantasy) From Chaos Factory by Eric Adventurer, Conqueror, King rpg's Lairs & Encounters.  You've got the lairs of the monsters & many undead this makes this book perfect fodder to insert a variant undead or its ilk. These are perfect to insert into your campaigns. 

 100 Undead (Dark Fantasy) From Chaos Factory by Eric Diaz is a good book for the DM who needs some solid random OSR monster & undead. Chaos Factory is really producing some interesting OSR supplements.  100 Undead (Dark Fantasy) From Chaos Factory by Eric Diaz is one of these perfect books for the DM who wants to do their own DYI Dungeons & Dragons or OSR games. 

 100 Undead (Dark Fantasy) From
 Chaos Factory is available here 

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