Thursday, September 9, 2021

'New Members & Mecha on Cha'alt ' Session report # 2 S3 'Expedition to The Barrier Peaks ' With The Castles & Crusades Rpg Aligned With The Star Ship Warden Rpg book


Let's pick this up right where we last left off, our heroes were dealing with the feral elves & veggie pygmies. The party were trespassing on their hunting ground & the elves wanted to know why! So with a bit parley the party explained they were there for the Warden science vessel for exploration. For the trade of an enchanted knife the elves would act as a guide into the interior of the vessel. They were very sorry about the bullettes making short work of the party's 'enchanted' armor. The elves veggie pygmy allies were indifferent about the PC's. 
They didn't want the PC's messing with the Warden's 'magic' and wanted assurances that none of their tribal ancestors still aboard the vessel would be harmed. They were more then happy to guide the party aboard the great bird of creation with the caveat that one of the warriors would join the party! Larn the hunter  a young warrior volunteered to join the party. Jason came over that night and agreed to join the players. So he's taking up Larn a veggie pygmy hunter & his hunting dog 'At'. 

Now here's where things get interesting! Our party of adventurers rather then handling the Warden science vessel now retreats with Larn back to their headquarters in  New York City. On smoke break the players come up with a 'cunning plan'  to consult with Dr. Caligari. Dr. Caligari in our games is vile immortal  black magician whose cabinet can open gateways to other worlds. The party saved Caligari from a pack of black eyed children but that's a blog entry for another time. Caligari owes the party. 
Larn is not happy at all with Caligari but goes along out of curiosity. Caligari opens a portal to Cha'alt and the party dons desert survival robes. Larn & his dog 'At' are using a mold water recovery  suit made by the party's mad scientist Dr. Mary 'Melvin the Magnificent'. The less said about her the better. The party meets with Jacob the Druid. Jacob scouted ahead to  the city of A'agrybah to set up a meeting with Omar 'The Fried Desert Worm & Used Mech' dealer. Omar has five kids to feed & he's sure he can strike a deal with the party. Jacob & his Elven ranger Hank along with the party's Elven scout Ellie Rider have come to  the city of A'agrybah ahead of the party. What are they after?!  Jacob The Druid has taken Larn under his wing. 

A fully pimped out   RAP036C Tavshar Battler Archon From Alternative Armies 
Omar however doesn't want money folks! He's got something else in mind! A 'favor'  from the party involving the offworlder high-tech facility called Elysium

The party doesn't trust 'Omar' who gave them the personal armor with no strings attached (which means that there's strings attached) & a full kit. But now things are getting interesting. The party has decide to re equip while their in the city of A'agrybah. They're staying in Omar's home at the moment and already the scout has sighted some cyclopean mutant warriors scoping them out.  But I'm just starting to dig the knife in.

So did the players screw me up by not going into the Warden?! Yes they did but going back to Cha'alt means all kinds of mayhem coming up! And what about back on that other alternative Earth in Rapture of the Deep?! Well that's coming up on Wednesday! Stay tuned! 


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