Monday, September 6, 2021

Empire of the Petal Throne rpg & Metamorphosis Alpha rpg - Slow Boat Generational Ships

 When the Human Empires collapsed unto the micro planes and was cut off from the rest of  TEKUMEL along with the rest of its universe. There were literally thousands of star ships in hyperspace along with  worlds cut off from the Human Empires. 

This basically means that both Gamma World first edition or Metamorphis Alpha 1st edition  rpg might be places where the planar gateways were cut off all together. There's going to be a lot of finger pointing & that being said there's any number of worlds were the EMP's oganization & infrastructure have failed. This leaves the locals to deal with the incredible logistical nightmare. So what happens to the spaceways during the shut down during the dawn of the disappearanc of the Human Empire?! World after world is cut off & the local governers are going to handle the local food ritions,the shutting down of local hyperspace gates, etc. 
And once again this puts me in mind of Warriors of the Red Planet & Brett Slocum's 'Warriors of the Lost Planet' rpg supplement a pay what you want title. 

Personally I've wondered about the grand Human Star Empire generation ships. The slow boats between colonies & planets  of the Human Empire. Fortunely Kevin Crawford back in 2015 did a set of Beta rules for Swords of the Petal Throne available here. These rules are cross compatible with Revised Stars Without Numbers rpg. Which means that they should in theory be usable with original Metamophis Alpha Rpg rules. And its this very fact that makes things interesting. Why?! Because of the fact that the Goodman Games Metamorphis Alpha material can be pulled from. 
This means that MA resources such as the MA first edition rules & tables could in theory be used for generating some of those Petal Throne generational space craft. Space craft that have been lost to the microplanes of hyperspace. 

Several of the adventures of the Goodman Games from James Ward's Metamorphosis Alpha: Warden Adventures could be used as stand in adventure  for a Human Empire generation ship. 

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