Sunday, September 5, 2021

Terror Bees Adapted From Godzilla: The Series - Season 1, Episode - 09 Hive For Cepheus Atom & Those Old School 2d6 Science Fantasy Role Playing Campaign

 First created by the Japanese Black Dragon Society as a part of Japan's nuclear weapons program during WWII. on a remote  South American  island. This joint program was done in conjontion with the German high command. The island's geothermal volcanic base proved ideal for the power requirements. But after the first ninety days several mutant Kuiju life forms appeared. The mutated giant bees were some of the worst however. These terrors were used extensively throughout the Fifties as terrror weapons by Nazi fifth columnists. 

The Queen mutated bee is very aggressive
& highly adaptable to any envoriment 

The giant bees queens were cloned a dozen times & these queens were spread extesively across the Earth. The mutant bees were some of the most dangerous mutants & used as terror weapons up through the 2020's. The mutant bees are highly adaptable able to carve out ecolohicial niches across the United States. Hives or  colonies will displace or deastroy any Kuiju in the area. These mutated bees  have  extensive colony works in the Western United States & even in some remote parts of the North Pole. The mutated bees are highly adapted to their roles as dangerous predators & or ecological reclaimers. Because of their origin these bees are programmed for ecological reclaimation. Weird radiations coursing through the mutant bees will begin mutating the fauna & flora around them within 2d6 weeks.  The Terror Bees Queen is a nighmare able to lay a thousand eggs within a 72 hour period. Terror bee drones die after launching their stingers making them sacrifing themselves for the good of the colony. Colonies & hives can be above ground or below. 

Mutated Terror Bees
#Appearing 1 Queen Bee  &  2d6 body guard mutant Bees 

4/7, Move 20 M, Fly 40M Armor 6,  Claw (3D danmage), Bite (melee, 4 damage and may cause Disease; throw Physical 6+ to resist). Sting 3D  damage and may cause Disease; throw Physical 6+ to resist)
 Gigantism, Survival 3, Melee2, Combat 2, Specials - Jaws of Death - The Terror Bees are able to do double damage to metal or wooden structures. Sting of Terror - The Terror Bee is able to launch its stinger over 30 meters easily,Stings of Horror  the Queen Bee could launch 2d6 multiple stingers at a very quick rate, much like a machine gun and the stinger launch ability of GMK Mothra. The queen bee does not die after it has used its stinger, allowing it to sting opponents multiple times.


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