Wednesday, September 22, 2021

OSR Review & Commentary On The Free AD&D first edition module N7: 'Mystery beneath the Church' By RC Pinnell For Your AD&D First Edition Campaign or Old School Games

" This is the second part of the Minotaur Marshes trilogy, which began with N6: Mass for the Missing Priest. The characters continue to uncover the secrets of the town of Hogg Bottem. An AD&D adventure for characters of level 1-3."

 N7: 'Mystery beneath the Church' By RC Pinnell goes back down the AD&D first edition rabbit hole that N6: Mass for the Missing Priest trod. N7 does this by advancing the adventure campaign timeline;
"The plot and history behind this adventure need not be repeated in its entirety. In summary, the main reasons the characters may have come to the village of Hogg Bottem is either to find the missing priest, Brother Filus; discover why shipments of crayfish meat are no longer being sent to other parts of the realm; or to find a missing relative. Once the characters arrived, they met the residents and likely explored the abandoned warehouses and church."

We've covered 
N6: Mass for the Missing Priest previously on this blog here.These adventure locations fuel some solid hooks that we see within our AD&D campaigns. N7: 'Mystery beneath the Church' By RC Pinnell is solid & good because it's a part of a free  mini  campaign. This includes  N6: Mass for the Missing Priest and N7: Mystery Beneath the Church ending with N8 'Monsters in the Mist'.  This comes loud & clear in N7: 'Mystery beneath the Church' set up by  N6: Mass for the Missing PriestBecause this is an AD&D module its got a solid basis to build up a campaign. N7: 'Mystery beneath the Church' is a good middle of the road adventure that acts as an adhesive for the N series campaign. 

So is N7: Mystery Beneath the Church worth the download?! The N7 module is a solid middle point module & offers some really good dungeon delver action. So yes along with the others of the N series of modules are a solid AD&D first edition fest of OSR goodness. 

You can download
 N7: Mystery Beneath The Church Here. 


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