Friday, September 10, 2021

'Pioneers & Pirates' More 2d6 Campaign & Sector Expansion notes

 Cepheus Deluxe has lots of tools for doing some excellent random world generation, fighting other creatures, and engaging in space battles, handling the risks of interstellar speculative trading, &  exploring new worlds,etc. Since this set of tools is perfect for existing Cepheus Engine rpg games then I decided to see if it could pimp out my upcoming Hostile rpg campaign setting game. 

Since my games doesn't follow the usual Hositle rpg time line history.  Cepheus Deluxe has any number of random tools & generators to take care of everything from small settlements to large towns for a 2d6 science fiction. These worlds which have been cut off from by a psychic wall of energy that has disrupted hyperspace travel for some time. These hyperspace routes are only now being opened across the universe. These are the old colony worlds that colonial frieghters service & this brings in Zozer Games Colonial Frieghter; "On worlds with low-populations and few port facilities, any colonial supply ship has to carry with it a suite of cargo handling equipment. The Tharsis Aerospace Argosy is a premier example of this class of ship - the ‘colonial support vessel’ (CSV)." 

These colonial ships are going to be opening these planetary colonies as time goes on and setting up more jump off points for explorers as the universe opens back up. This is a gold mine time for explorers as they re establish communicatations with colonies across the board. But it will make these worlds vulneratble to pirates. Both the world itself & the colony ships are going to be prime targets for instellar pirates. 

As mankind expands outwards & pirates present a very real danger. The marines role in such a campaign becomes quite evident. The Marine Handbook 2215, ' The essential US Marine Corps manual, with weapons, vehicles, uniforms and campaign suggestions.' is perfectly dialed into such a campaign. The fact is that its fun to speculate about the nature of such a world lost to time but now playing host to the Hostile marines forces. And its here that the Hostile's Crew Expendable   ships are going to be servivng on the ever expanding instellar frontier. And this is going to make them a fitting target for pirates waiting to pick such a rich prize up. 

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