Friday, September 3, 2021

Setting Up A Warpland Campaign With Sword of Cepheus rpg Resources

The sky has been turned into a mind bending kaleidoscope, occasionally delivering mutagenic maelstroms that change forever the appearance of both the landscape and its people.

Abysses have punctured reality, corrupting it all with their infectious energy while seducing with power those insane enough to listen.

Sometimes you've got to figure out games as you go. Take for example Warpland rpg which has been sitting on my table for two weeks. DM Steve blundered by today & quick thumbed through my copy of this dark beauty. You know this is pretty bleak, right?! Yeah.. Well I'd invert the setting & run  an 'Italian Sword & Sandal'   also known as peplum campaign in this setting! Why?! The fact is that Warpland is ripe for Jack Kirby like heroes of legend & DC's Fourth world saga hijinks. Basically, Warpland screams out to be used as 'bigger then life' mythic venue.  And this is a great venue for a Europe of  a Sword of Cepheus rpg style campaign. 

So what is about Warpland that's so appealing as a bigger then life Sword & Sorcery OSR style game?!  Well, the Warpland location  setting is the essence  that Eighties Fantasy or Sword & Sorcery artwork was made of. A setting that allows the DM to explore, use, and alter it as needed. Now couple this with several other OSR 2d6 products such as Cepheus Atom & Cepheus Barbaric And you've got a ready made campaign. 

 Cepheus Atom is perfect as a dark mirror for Warpland rpg's ancient past. The weird devices & dangerous artifacts reflect a very nasty past. Simply drop in  Cepheus Atom's into Warpland rpg's setting. So what does this have to do with Warpland?  Warpland is a perfect mirror setting for many Italian 'Sword & Sandal' movies from the Sixties, Seventies, & Eighties. 

 And Italian Sword & Sandal movies?! Quite a bit.
The  Barbaric! rpg is the perfect 'add on' for this little campaign idea which will mirror the Eighties Italian Sword & Sorcery films of the VHS tape era. 
The reality is that the peusdo Europe of  Eighties Italian Sword & Sorcery could be leveled as a part of the Warpland setting. 

This weird Europe setting is rife for Chaos induced humanoid races including some half breed PC's. Who can be created from Sword of Cepheus rpg style rules with 'Non-Humans for The Sword of Cepheus.' 

What would the agenda be for such a Warpland campaign?! We'll get into that in the blog next time! 

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