Tuesday, September 21, 2021

Expedition To The Deep Session Report #2 - The Free Gamma World Adventure GW5 'Rapture From the Deep' & X6 Quagmire by Merle M. Rasmussen With The Castles & Crusades Rpg Aligned With The Star Ship Warden Rpg book


The PC's have struck out on their own into the swamps of Florida to gather intelligence on the cryptic alliance that is featuring in the free Gamma World adventure 'Rapture of the Deep'  right over here at Wayne's BooksThen you know that our little gang of Amazing Adventures & Castles & Crusades hellions saved a town along what's left of the Florida pan handle. This picks up right where 'Expedition to the Deep' Session #2 left off. And we're going to talk about the endless swamp that is surrounding the Floridian panhandle. This land was originally ruled by a by a benevolent family of royals. And the surrounding lands are modeled after the classic B/X adventure X6 Quagmire by Merle M. Rasmussen. 

X6 Quagmire by Merle M. Rasmussen is a weird module & the wilderness of the module fits the post apocalyptical vibe of this version of Florida perfectly. Now according to the Drivethrurpg entry on X6 it stats the following;"In detailing the Wild Lands, "Quagmire!" introduces the Serpent Peninsula, Thanegia Island, and the cities of Slagovich, Quagmire, and Thanopolis. Overall, the Wild Lands are pretty empty, without much of a population, which was a common depiction of the Known World in the early "Cook" era for the setting (1981-86). This Serpent Peninsula would become more populated in future revisions of the setting." That's fine for our purposes because it fits the expansion of the underwater  empires of  Bruce Nesmith's X7 The War Rafts of Kron perfectly. But don't forget about the fact that a crytic alliance is behind the scenes stirring the pot here. The player's PC's  ran across them dealing with the mutants of the wilderness here. They got some answers that their underwater empire is using ancient technologies to speed up the sinking of the Florida pan handle. 

Dragon magazine issue #108 from 1986 contains several mutants from the Mutant Manual II from Gamma World that fit this POA Floridian campaign exactly. These have to be used carefully because several of these monsters & mutants are very deadly. Billie Smith our Elven ranger has been scouting ahead with his partner & scout running across the remains of several strange spiral buildings partially submerged underwater.. 

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