Thursday, September 2, 2021

Deep Dweller Adapted From Godzilla The Series Season One Episode 'Tourist Trap' For Cepheus Atom & Those Old School 2d6 Science Fantasy Role Playing Campaign

 The Deep Dweller developed by the Nazi third columists of the inner Earth during the 'Occult Wars' as a self sustaining bio weapon. This  like fish monsterousity is prone to violence & destruction at a moment's notice. The Deep-Dweller looks mostly similar to a frogfish of colossal dimensions, it has a large mouth full of fangs that are its main weapon, protrusions protrude from its head, a row of thorns runs down its back and it has 2 small arms with 3 claws on each.

The Deep Dwellers are now a hazard of 2021's seas and highly dangerous. They are attracted & disoriented by lights from passing ships. They attack such lights thinking that these are prey and they have taste for both kuiju & human flesh They are however very indistrimiant hunters & monsters. 

Deep Dwellers 
#Appearing usually one but during spawning seasons 1d6 miniature deep dwellers will be present. 

5/10, Move 20m, Swim 40M, Armor 4, Claw (melee 2d damage),  Bite (melee 4D damage),  Survival 2,  Combat 3,  Melee 2 . Gigantism,  Regeneration As Troll, Amphembous, 
Special Abilities - Hose em Down - The Deep Dweller can shoot a jet of water for 2D damage over 30M, All in one bite - The Deep Dweller can leap & swallow a car sized object once per day. Anything caught this way takes double bite damage, Bugling Bite - The Deep Dweller can bite  for double damage once per day, Slaughter Swim - The Deep Dweller can double its swim movement when it goes into a beserk frenzy when exposed to bright light. 

Deep Dwellers are sometimes smuggled into areas for destruction by Nazi fifth columist terrorist units as small eggs. The eggs form into a fully grown Deep Dweller within 72 hours and then go on rampages.  

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