Tuesday, September 14, 2021

Don't Touch That Dial - Neon Lords of the Toxic Wasteland rpg - 'The Carcosa Slaughter Tour ' Session report one

 The group of adventurers were looking long & low in the tooth. Even Skuzz the neon mohawked mutie  warrior  was looking a bit haphazardly. The party of adventurers had been fighting almost none stop for three days across the wasteland. Narrowly escaping several cults that wanted to sacrifice them to alien gods and god knows what else. St. Stallone the cyborg knight was getting a bit fried. 
'Pssst!' 'Are you guys waiting for an invitation?! Get in here!' the young blue skinned boy wore an Eighty five 'Goonies never say die' tee shirt. St. Stallone's eyes narrowed at the boy and the opening that had appeared in the ruined wall they were hiding behind. 
'Who in the Neon Hells are you kad?' 
'Valentine a devotee of Lord Randy!' 
'Get in here the Germans are coming back!' 
'Wait, the who?!' 
Silently across the multiverse some dramatic music played & three way too slim fingers began to release levers marked 'one', 'two', & 'three'. Three incredibly dangerous looking robotic mecha marched onto the battlefield sporting  the War Ensign of the German Empire from 1903-1919! 
The spineless demonic thing across the multiverse laughed while chuckling to itself, 'How's that for a plot twist!' Muhahaha 'I'm a genius! I really I'm!'  

Ages ago when we were running Geoffery McKinney's Carcosa. I DM'ed an alternative WWII Nazi escape to Carcosa game mini campaign. Alright so everyone's going to expect this coming up in this weekend's Neon Lords of the Toxic Wasteland rpg. But I want to do something different this time and with our sessions picking right up from this blog entry here. 

Yes there's a meteor streaking into the world we still need a good villain & I've got Commander  Hans Goring Hemaller leader of the German mecha corps from German Intergalactic  Empire. A rather nasty tyrannical & dangerous leader of his panzer corps of mecha whose been stuck on this world. Mojo promises to return him to his Earth if he destroys the PC's. 

Commander Hans has got an 3 Magog Alternative Armies mech's under his command along with numerous other smaller armors to throw at the PC's. And as far as Hans is concerned this is simply another mission. 

How did the Germans in an alternative World War I get a hold of Ion Age mecha?! Well I ordered a few pieces from Noble Knights. But if your referring to the Earth that Commander Hans is from?! Well this is interdimensional cable so we can do anything! Han's Thule wizards have been in contact with that creepy ass clown of  Venger's 'Saving Cha'alt' as mini campaign adventure center piece. Now in the past I've been accused of DMing gonzo adventures and campaigns. And this is actually very true. But when it comes to this campaign things are moving along quite nicely. The biggest problem that we've had is getting everyone's work schedule to work out. 

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