Tuesday, August 31, 2021

Neon Lords of the Toxic Wasteland rpg - 'The Carcosa Slaughter Tour ' Now With More Cha'alt

 Awesome Rick looked around at the strange neon coloured humanoids around his feet. 'Do we know who any of these guys are?!' 'Nope but the wasteland around here is really weird!',  Lisa 10,000 a H.E.A.T.H.E.R. android wiped the ichor from her perfect face. 'Weird in what way Lisa?! We have vanquished literally dozens of muties for Lord Randy!' 
'Can it Rick!' Skater Dave The Dwarfling was picking off several particularly good good cybernetic limbs from some of the blue tribe of mutants. 'Is that really necessary?!' St. Stallone the cyborg knight spat out the words. 'Yes!' Skater Dave said with resigned calm. 'We might want to sell these somplace'. Tam The Elf was scouting ahead but was having a hard time dealing with the tangle of mutie corpses. The stink was pretty bad but the thing that leered out at him from the pile of bodies. 
, Skuzz the mutant with his mohawk of many colours was on the job of looting the bodies, 'Dude did you ever get the feeling you were being watched?! 
Somplace across the multiverse a laugh track played under several of Skuzz's jokes... And billions of eyes watched. 

There's gonzo and then there's Neon Lords of the Toxic Wasteland rpg. The last time we spoke we had Mojo doing a 'pay per view special' on interdimensional cable. Its been over ten days since the last blog entry on this mini campaign. 

MoJo isn't gonna sit back on his demonic spider hunches. Instead the bastard is going to arrange some nastiness for the PC's. And once again Venger's Cha'alt has the perfect angle to get the PC's motivated! A meteor streaking its way on a collison with Carcosa/Cha'alt. Yes we're taking Venger's 'Saving Cha'alt' as mini campaign adventure center piece. Mojo has used black foul sorcery to take a meteor from orbit & aim it at the exoplanet on a collison course.  Yeah we're talking about using Venger's adventure here  but as a 'pay for view' event! The planet destruction time is counting down on a live commerical & you can call in to reserve your slot today! 

What no one knows is that the meteor isn't a meteor at all but actually the foul begotten spawn of the Outer Gods. The PC's are going to be in for a bad time as every odd coloured cultist is going to be trying to stop them from stopping the glorious event! And this is where the Mojoverse comes in! Mojo provides it all twenty four hours a day & seven days a week! And now you'll be on your way to being his biggest stars forever & ever! The Great Old Ones need their entertainment & you will provide it! 
You can have every cultist armed with Carcosa hardware & weapons to slaughter the PC's. And this isn't gonna stop. The party is gonna find itself in some dire straites unless they can get help and we'll go over who & what is gonna help our neon clad foo erm adventurers next time. 

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