Sunday, August 1, 2021

OSR Review & Commentary On "Welcome to St. Cloud" By Miguel Ribeiro From Post Mortem Studios Adapted For Use With Night Shift Veterans of the Supernatural War Rpg By Jason Vey & Timothy Brannan

  "Welcome to St. Cloud" is inbetween a campaign setting and a scenario and can be adapted to any system, though it already includes stats for the Actual F *cking Monsters role-playing game. It is surreal horror in nature since it was heavily inspired by David Lynch's cult TV show Twin Peaks (1990), but it leans on other sources, like John Carpenter's The Fog (1980),  The League of Gentleman (1999), Carnivàle (2003) and 1970s slasher flicks. Tbere isn't specific mythology, and even the amount of supernatural and/or paranormal phenomena can be easily modified to suit different tastes."

" What's presented here is a detailed description of the titular small town of St. Cloud, WA, and its inhabitants, which provides multiple story seeds. In the end, there's a much more developed but unstructured plot hook that encompasses a series of events set in motion after the death of a local pre-teen girl.  The Final chapter, (Not) Wrapped in Plastic, is a plotline designed for those who want to play St. Cloud with a distinct Twin Peak's feeling, but without instantly giving away the whole story" "Welcome to St. Cloud " By
Miguel Ribeiro is a source book adventure  love letter to classic
Eighties surreal 
psychological  horror & a a homage to David Lynch's 'Twin Peaks'. 
"Welcome to St. Cloud "is another rpg systemless adventure or supplement to drop into your OSR game.  "Welcome to St. Cloud "is a perfect mini adventure campaign setting that would work for an B/X OSR Pulp supernatural rpg.  'Night Shift Veterans of TheSupernatural War' rpg By Jason Vey & Timothy Brannan is a greatpseudo B/X occult rpg for adding in supernatural hunters into "Welcome to St. Cloud"

"The group of Miskatonic University investigators introduced a optional characters in the Dramatis Personae chapter aren't strictly hunters
since their primary purpose in St. Cloud  is just to observe, take notes and collect   evidence of supernatural or paranormal activity in town. But things change and,
when lives are at stake, even college professors can pick up a gun and blow a

monster's head off . Also, they can rely on some of the locals for extra  repower."

St.Cloud is a region with secrets & some of these are absolutely deadly. The Lynchian factor is cranked up to '12' in some areas of "Welcome to St. Cloud". And this isn't a bad thing at all. There's more then a bit of investigation that the PC's have to do. Even though "Welcome to St. Cloud" is systemless per say there's some really tight writing here & some very dangerous plots. This again is a 'situational sandbox' but the difference here is that the supernatural & occult elements are alive & well in "Welcome to St. Cloud". Or are they?! The 'unknown factor' is strong here in "Welcome to St. Cloud". If you go in guns blazing you'll miss the opportunity for a strong PC roll playing experience or two to slip into a session. 
Miguel Ribeiro manages to balance his Lynch rpg homages with several
twists & turns on the usual gaming tropes and these can easily be slipped 
into your OSR games. 
While "Welcome to St. Cloud" is up to the usual Post Mortem Stuidos material
there's a bit of an extra spark here. The author knows his material & subject matter
 well but there's plenty of room for St. Cloud to become a perfect mini setting  for 'Night Shift Veterans of TheSupernatural War' rpg . The right set of players could have this style of
going on for many months. There's lots of interesting NPC's
& mysteries to solve.  There's a lot more going on
below the cheery exterior of 
"Welcome to St. Cloud"
Don't forget to have a great cup of coffee & a bit of cherry pie. 

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