Thursday, August 5, 2021

Free OSR Resource - The OSR Libary's 'The Haunted Valley' For Your OSR Horror or Old School Campaigns.


Tonight I was poking around Dave Baymiller's OSR Libary blog & came across a great little horror setting that would work with any OSR retroclone or modernish OSR gaming system. The Haunted Valley has literally everything from set up to encounters baked into it; 
"This is a supernatural and mystery setting inspired primarily by Clark Ashton Smith's Auveroigne,  Hammer Horror films of the fifties, sixties, and seventies, the film Brotherhood of the Wolf, and probably a bit of Dark Shadows as well.

The setting itself is a small haunted French valley in the year 1627 AD. Originally I had intended to make the valley generic in descriptions of year and trappings so that it could be set anywhere from dark ages to the 1800's but I set that aside as I found setting in a specific year and location gave me more focus. It can easily be set in other times and places with simple name and equipment changes." 

This overview of the valley & its encounters are perfect for an existing campaign or as an add on to a beginning campaign 

From here I'd crack open some the Clark Ashton Smith's   Averoigne stories & situate them on the far side of the valley. 

The Haunted Valley could easily be added into the World of Greyhawk as a sort of buffer between Greyhawk &  Averoigne. The Haunted Valley could in point of fact be a bit of a defacto Ravenloft area where 
Clark Ashton Smith's  Averoigne drifts on the planar winds adding to the fact that both Greyhawk & Mystara have been under the influence of the wizard-noble Stephen Amber (Etienne d'Amberville). So that perhaps the Ambers own the Haunted Valley as a sort of run down supernatural piece of haunted noble holding. The Averoigne  stories make this sort of thing quite evident & reading through them gives a good overview of such a haunted mini capmaign landscape. 

 Clark Ashton Smith's  Averoigne serve as perfect rpg fodder for setting up your own adventure locations within the Haunted Valley. We as DM's have to be able  move on the fly & adjusting to the climbing circumstances around us. Besides this Mystara it would seem to be the perfect for this sorta campaign. We are making this up as welcome mats tooth the experienced & the experimental as world around the Haunted Valley moves in! 

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