Sunday, August 15, 2021

Kamacuras Adapted For Cepheus Atom & Those Old School 2d6 Science Fantasy Role Playing Campaigns

 The Kamacuras kaiju species was a byproduct of Black Dragon super science society weather manipulation experimentation during World War II. The Kamacuras as a giant mantis, Kamacuras has all the natural abilities a normal praying mantis would have, such as flight and spiked claws. In the film Godzilla: Final Wars, Kamacuras is shown to have the power to alter its natural color, allowing Kamacuras to camouflage and blend in with its surroundings.

The Kamacuras kaiju species have reproduced across the South Pacific & have been found as far away as Eastern United States Atlantic sea board. 
The Kamacuras love to destroy & cause havoc wherever they go. These monsters reproduce quite quickly & are able to adapt to a wide variety enviroments. Even so the Kamacuras kaiju species are quite frail by comparison say to Godzilla or the other Kaiju species. 

Kamacuras kaiju species
 are found extensively in the Pacific ring area & have been used extensively by the military forces of the Elder Things. The strange Lovecraft alien race took to controlling Kamacuras kaiju species easily through telepathy & vast psionic abilities. There are rumors that Kamacuras kaiju species is being bred by the Elder Things in the Inner Earth. 

Kamacuras kaiju species 
# appearing 1d6
5/10, Move 15m, Flight  120 M, Armor 6, Claw (melee 4d damage), Bite (melee 3D damage),  Survival 2,  Combat 3,  Melee 2 . Gigantism. Camouflage,  Armor, Regeneration As Troll, Special Abilities - Double Turbo Claw Swipe double damage 1st per day, Hidden In Plain Sight - The monster can 3 times per day blend light around itself allowing the Kaiju to instantly camoflage itself from view even close up, Burrowing - The monster can instantly dig into the surrounding ground. This ability allows the monster praying mantis to hunt in unusual places within the Inner Earth. 

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