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Review & OSR Commentary On Infinite Stars (Issue 2 - Nov 2011) Omer Golan-Joel, Richard Hazlewood, & Brian Pichelman The Free Fanzine For Original Traveller & Stars Without Number rpg

 I'm a bit Kickstarted out at the moment & since the last review of   Infinite Stars (Issue 1 - Aug 2011) We decided to go ahead with a review of Infinite Stars (Issue 2 - Nov 2011)  by Omer Golan-Joel, Richard Hazlewood,  & Brian Pichelman . Because this fanzine is a solid resource for both old school Traveller & Stars without Number the articles can be used for other OSR games as well as we shall see. 

'Expanded World Creation Rules for Stars Without Number' By Richard Hazlewood continues its course by giving expanded guidelines for world creation in SWN & they will work with Stars Without Number Revised. The 'tag' system & other general SWN system is put to good use in the article as SWN & Traveller's heart & soul are actually exploration as much as the trade aspect. This is a solidly done article. We jump over to another 'Dawn Sector' expansion with 'Dawn Sector: The Bladish' By Brian Pichelman. These guys are alien lobster men.  Did I mention they like war & are extremely tough?! Oh and dangerous! All perfect stuff for SWN Revised actually. 
Is the second  issue worth the free download from 2011?! Actually, yes on two fronts.

The material so far can easily be converted over to Cepheus Engine rpg but its more then that. 'A Less-Travelled Road: In Defense of Dying in Traveller Character Generation'  By Omer Golan-Joel gets into the heart of the old school aesthetics. The idea of the consequences of character generation  being build into the game itself. 'Outer Veil: Freeman's Belt – Part I'  By Richard Hazlewood gives us yet another adventure or campaign component in the form of some solid science fiction and note; "  The background for this story is based on the Outer Veil setting developed by Omer Golen-Joel and published by Spica Publishing and is used with permission of the author. In no way should the events or specific descriptions in this story be considered “official” or “canon” to the published setting. Any differences between the official published material and this story are the fault of the author. I would also like to send a special thank you to Omer for allowing me to play in his sandbox" 
What does this issue actually say for itself as a fanzine?! That the parts are sometimes greater then the whole in this case the issue in question 
brings  new ideas, options, & characteristics to Cepheus Engine PC's. It's still relevant even in today's OSR marketplace. All of this material can easily be converted over to Cepheus Engine rpg easily giving the DM even more toys for the toybox. 



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