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Walking The Razor's Edge Aspects of the OSR With Rpg Pundit's The Invisible College & Night Shift Veterans of the Supernatural Wars By Jason Vey & Timothy Brannan.

 "Float down the sewer river of the dreamlands with Through Ultan’s Door double issue 3. This issue presents a pointcrawl along a sewer river of the dreamlands that connects the dungeons from issues 1 & 2 with 7 new locations. It introduces an entire settlement, the Sanitarium of the Benefactors, and numerous factions including the sewer wyrm Cephaia, Prophetess of the Muddled Waters; her rival the Cranemay, melancholy fey witch; and the Lurid Toads, ominously polite cannibalistic parasites. Complete with a giant dreamy sewer encounter table, and rules for playing your very own opium dreaming wizard! It is illustrated more lushly than ever, with over 30 gorgeous illustrations by Huargo, Orphicss, Gus, Daria Khlebnikova, Johan Tieldow, Jeremy Duncan, and David Hoskins."

Through Ultan's Door issue#3 represents the sorta of point crawl that can slide into our reality without us even knowing it. The powers of the 'Invisible College' & the  Nightshift The Vetans of the Supernatural Wars are working hard to prevent it.Why?! Because its already happened in the past. 
We have a tendency to believe that reality as we know it stinks, the world is rotten, etc. We've all heard the thought or caught a glimpse of this in opinion in the past. This blog post picks right up from here. 

“A paranoid is someone who knows a little of what's going on. A psychotic is a guy who's just found out what's going on.”

― William S. Burroughs

Magus are going to be outsiders at the best of times & part of the machinery of society at other times. Society is going to think them the madmen & the fools, along with every other 'ism' on planet Earth. The truth is so much more stranger. What makes the  darkly surreal Tech-Noir game setting and adventure of 'Postcards From Avalidad  'Postcards from Avalidad' By Miguel Ribeiro  & Manuel Souza so dangerous is the fact that this setting is only a foot fall away from our current consentual reality. 

'Once upon a time' became reality for a time & the land of dreams is a very hostile & imicial place for mankind. Gods, demons, faeries, magick was reality & then the immortals of the higher realms or dimensions finally set back reality. The 'Invisible College'  factions, one of them at least called back in the immortals not the gods but the immortals to set reality right again. There were those who were still changed by the experience. The mutates, the mutants, etc. who were left behind. They were left behind in the reality of 'Postcards From Avalidad & that place is used to dealing with its mutants quite quickly in point of fact. 

Traveling from one universe or reality isn't the problem getting back to ours is! Magick is the science or act of change especially ritual magick. The college picks up whom it can to train as magus for its factional 'invisible or occult' war. The problem is the fact that is that there are monsters who get left behind. Some of which can be trained to become adventurers in their own right. But this is a 'war universe' and factional wars are messy businesses at the best of times. 

The cult of Typhon for example knows this & yet they strive to bring 'things' into our reality to cause mayhem. The blakc & white of alignment systems get very twisted  in the face of the war for reality. Dungeons & ruins as we've spoken of since the last time are invasive remants of past battle grounds. They linger here & bring with them monsters, murderers, madmen, & mayhem. This is where the agents of 'Postcards From Avalidad' sometime end up butting heads & spilling blood with the members of 'The Nightshift'. One side is unaware of the true nature of the other. But blood is still spilt & lives are lost.  I'm reminded of my college days of Michael Moorcock's Jerry Cornelius & William S. Burroughs. Seen through the Cornelius & Burroughs lens at the end of the world. The question become what world through   the strange lives of Avalidad's celebrities, fiscal royalty and seedy underbelly of Postcards? 

Adventuring with either the invisible college, the Nightshift or God help you the agents of 'Postcards From Avalidad and you will not comeback unaltered. Lives are shattered, adventurers are created, & survivors may live to tell the tales. Our reality doesn't suck, its what you make of it really. The fact is that the powers at be within '
'Postcards from Avalidad' know what's at stake. At the higher viberational realms are places of ruin & abandoned dreams.  Night Shift Veterans of the Supernatural Wars Companion  By Jason Vey & Timothy Brannan comes into play here. Because the magus are going to need muscle on those layers of reality.And many of those layers cross into the realm of dreams. Dreams of power, sex, and all of the other primal weirdness. Because these are the keys of need & want within the human psyche. All of these layers of reality are invasive organisms that crawl into our psyches & try to become the new 'normal'. Can magick fix what's broken & are adventurers merely those that survived. And what about those 'treasures' from those invasive realities?! We'll get into those next time. 

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