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Review & OSR Commentary On The Free Infinite Stars (Issue 1 - Aug 2011) Fanzine By Omer Golan-Joel & Co. For Original Traveller & Stars Without Number Free Edition



There are times when I've heard from DM's that they wish that there was a fanzine dedicated to Stars Without Numbers rpg & Cepheus Engine? Well there was but it was originally dedicated to Stars Without Number & original Traveller. Come with us now down the dark corridors of time to 2011 &   Infinite Stars (Issue 1 - Aug 2011). 

Infinite Stars (Issue 1 - Aug 2011) by Omer Golan-Joel & Co. for original Traveller & Stars Without Number rpg first edition.  According to the editorial of issue#1; "The moment has finally arrived. After some considerable birth pains and a lot of delays caused by our Real Lives(TM), you are finally reading the first ever issue of Infinite Stars. This free fanzine is intended to serve as a platform for opinions and material for Stars Without Number(TM) , Traveller(TM) and other sciencefiction role-playing games. Our door is open to anyone who wishes to see his or her material or opinions published for these games, as long as it is reasonable, and, of course, as long as it does not infringe on the intellectual property rights of the original authors of these games. This first issue unveils some of the main serial sections of this fanzine: The Manufactory which is concerned with technology, ships and equipment; A Less Travelled Road in which we discuss Classic Traveller; Dawn Sector which is a fan-made sector for Stars Without Number; and Personnel Files in which we present character generation options, and, later on, we will provide NPCs as well. In future issues, we might start additional sections such as The Menagerie which will discuss alien life-forms, and Visitations which will provide short adventures."  But is the first issue worth the free download from 2011?! Actually, yes on two fronts.

Richard Hazelwood has a very streamlined ship manufacturing process article in the Manufactory which is still solid even for Stars Without Number Revised. 'A Road Less Travelled: A Fresh Look At Traveller' by Omer Golan-Joel & its opinions can be covered over to Cepheus Engine rpg a retroclone of classic Traveller. 'Dawn Sector: The World of Flicker' By Brian Pichelman covers a brand new sector & is extremely useful for the DM looking to have a sector that isn't well known among the sci fi 2d6 fandom. 'Personnel Files: More Options for Stars Without Number Characters' By Omer Golan-Joel brings new ideas, options, & characteristics to SWN PC's. It's still relevant even in today's OSR marketplace. 

Why?! Because much of the material is usable with the  Cepheus Engine rpg & its still a solid fanzine. Yes there's several 2d6 fanzines on the market for Cepheus Engine but what makes Infinite Stars unique is the combo of old school Traveller & Stars Without Number rpg in equal measure. 
You can find 

 Infinite Stars (Issue 1 - Aug 2011)
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