Tuesday, August 24, 2021

'Ts-eh-Go' Adapted From Godzilla The Series '98 For Cepheus Atom & Those Old School 2d6 Science Fantasy Role Playing Campaigns


Going back to the Nineteen Fifty Seven 'San Lorenzo affair' the Area Fifty One Giant Monster unit collected both DNA & RNA from the giant scoropion remains from the United State's Mexican border. The United States governament began actively reseaching & studying the possibily of a cloned & controllable weaponized giant scorpion Kaiju to combat threats to America, the worsening Cold War, & the increasing threat of Kaiju. The San Lorenzo brood came from the inner Earth. The United States was fully involved in the Occult Wars at this time. Nazi fifth columnist spies allowed the San Lorenzo brood  to escape from the Area Fifty One facility. These are some of the most dangerous Kaiju that haunt the South West to this day. 
During the early Two Thousands, Project 'Ts-eh-Go' was created to not only deal with the San Lorenzo brood but also with several other rogue Kaiju species. The project was so successful that Second Wave was given congressional approval in the Spring of 2001. 

The Second Wave 'scorpion  kaiju ' used both human & Kaiju blood to create a hybrid creature that is highly aggressive & very deadly to other mutantions & kaiju. These kaiju have performed incredibly well against many other monsters. But 'Ts-eh-Go'   have interbred with the  San Lorenzo brood to produce a hybrid kaiju that have inserted themselves into the inner Earth's ecological system. 'Ts-eh-Go' are now a common sight all across the South Western United States. These hybrid Kaiju are hardy, dangerous, & often considered a local problem by many U.S.  government bodies & the U.S. military. 

'Ts-eh-Go'  are fierce hunters, fast, & very prolific breeders  and highly agreesive. These Kaiju are often found killing livestock, other Kaiju, & even the occasional human. The monsters have also been captured & used in several Southwestern & Southern Kaiju circuses. 
'Ts-eh-Go' also fetch very good prices on the industrial market. Their acid is used in many applications for industrial purposes. 
'Ts-eh-Go' is also used by several Nazi terrorist cells captured or bred from the inner Earth. These monsters have even been found East of Florida. The menace of 'Ts-eh-Go'  remains a priority of Kaiju hunter units & mercenaries. Some of these units employ the Thorny Devil Kaiju as assistant cavilery pieces. The  'Ts-eh-Go'  remains a pest Kaiju species of the highest order. 

# Appearing  1d6 at a nest or 2d6 for a full nest colony 

5/10, Move 30m,  Armor 7, 2 Claw (melee 3d damage), Bite (melee 4D damage),  Sting (melee  4 damage) & victim must make a throw of Physical 6+ to stay conscious or be considered poisoned, Survival 3,  Combat 2,  Melee 3 . Gigantism. Camouflage,  Armor, Regeneration As Troll,Thick hide, robust,  Special Abilities - Acid Spray - The 'Ts-eh-Go is able unleash a spray of a thick bio acid that does 3d damage per round to metal, flesh, & even other Kaiju. The victim must victim must throw Physical 6+ or face full damage from this bio molecular  acid. Furious Frenzy the 'Ts-eh-Go' goes into a beserk like fury where it triples its attacks for 3 rounds, Radioactive Sting - The monster mixes in a good dose of its radioactive blood into its sting while the sting does normal damage the victim is considered contaiminated unless a Physical +6 throw is made to avoid the worst of the effects. Bite of fury - The 'Ts-eh-Go' bites with a violence born of menace tripling its damage against an opponent twice or three times its size. Immune to Normal Fires, Mundane Weapons, Desert Conditions, 

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