Sunday, August 29, 2021

Crackler Adapted From Godzilla: The Series - Episode 8 "What Dreams May Come" For Cepheus Atom & Those Old School 2d6 Science Fantasy Role Playing Campaign

 The Crackler appeared out of nowhere and drained the energy of a lone building in Manhattan, New York, and destroyed much of it, disappearing soon after. The Kuiju entity is made up of living Theta waves wrapped around a living bio plasmic electrical shell body. The creature was created after the New York Sleep & Dream Institute used experimental technologies that had been mainlined into normal society during the 50's after the 'Occult Wars'. By the Nineties the technologies had been refined or so it was thought. 
The Theta Wave Technologies were based on original Nazi occult tech sleep experiments in an effort to create weapons from the human mind's psychic reservoirs. The result were creatures of pure rage & energy as the subjects accessed the higher energy planes. Though the alien Kuiju like entity was defeated the monster has appeared several more times. 

Theta wave dream technologies have been used by S.S. terrorist cells to create other 'Crackler' like monsters. These rare manifestations of electrical cerebral kuiju are capable a great deal of destruction. The downside of such a manifestation of such powerful electro psychic energies is that the manfestations will burn the mind out of the creature's manifestor unless a body throw of +6 is made. 
Cracklers are driven by pure instinct & their incredible hunger for destruction & energy which they must absorb to create their bodies microsecond by microsecond. Cracklers are weapons of war & terror pure & simple. They can & have been used as weapons of mass destruction. 

 # appearing - Unique 

5/10, Move 20m, , Armor 5, Claw (melee 3d damage), Electrical Bite (melee 4D damage),  Survival 1,  Combat 3,  Melee 2 . Gigantism,  Energy Absorbtion, Regeneration As Troll Only When Feeding on Energy, Special Abilities - Immune to Energy Attacks, Absorb The Storm Absorbs 1d6 points of Energy Each Time Its Attacked. 
  • Electricity handling : The Crackler can manipulate electricity over a 30 Meter Range 2D points of damage 
  • Lightning shot : The Crackler can shoot lightning bursts 40M for 2d6 points of damage 
  • Electric balls : The Crackler can fire electric balls from the palms of its hands 20M for 2D damage 
  • Energy Absorption : The Crackler may have the ability to absorb energy always on. But this ability has a nasty twist. The abosorbed energy allows the Crackler  to re-manifest in the same area after it has been 'destroyed'. This ability is only usable 3 times per day. 

Should the dreamer become unplugged from their Crackler the monster will go into a beserker like mode attacking anything that moves around it. The dreamer's mind forms the beast's intellect but on a subconscious level. 

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