Saturday, August 7, 2021

The Caves of Chaos Aboard The Warden - B2 The Keep of the Borderlands by Gary Gygax The Castles & Crusades Rpg Aligned With The Star Ship Warden Rpg book

B2 The Keep of the Borderlands by Gary Gygax reads through like two parts indroduction to B/X Dungeons & Dragons & one part of a greater hinted at history. A history that the PC's stumble into and we get a sense that there is far more to this adventure's background then we know?!  But it brings up another point, what was the original form & function of the castles & forts aboard the Warden?!  And yes I'm laboring this point. But there are true reasons for laboring this point. 

The Starship Warden has been on its journey for quite sometime now looking at the Starship Warden rpg book. B2 Could be the prior adventure events before the PC's stumble into the village of Hommlet. There's the fact if B2 is situated aboard the Warden or one of its attendant ships then the forces of darkness have indeed breeched the ship through the brass rings from some other plane. The Warden is serious trouble! 
"The Caves of Chaos" (2005) by Michael Komarck.
Just how influencial is B2?! Well take a look at the OSR Grimoire from April in this blog entry here. For some solid OSR  resources follow this blog. The Warden itself maybe subject to dark forces as the humanoids rage across the land. 

Could the mad hermit actually be one of the original Warden crew actually be the transitional NPC that leds in the forces of chaos?! Hommlet, its orignal form & function has been lost to time. But with these Dark Forces are now pushing the Warden unto the breaking point. 

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