Monday, August 16, 2021

One Thing Leads Back From Another - - B2 Keep on the Borderlands & T1 The Village of Hommlet By Gary Gygax - The Castles & Crusades Rpg Aligned With The Star Ship Warden Rpg book Session Report

 The mask fell off during last night's session of our usual Amazing Adventures/Castles & Crusades game an old player of ours came back into the game campaign. Now on a Sunday night this wasn't a problem but this was one of last year's players. Let's call him Charlie, now charlie was playing with us when DM Steve & myself were doing a lot & I do mean a lot with Judge's Guild's The Wilderlands of High Fantasy. Now before we go any further let me clarify that we've got nothing to do with the luntic fringe of current JG owners's political views at all! And that debacle belongs to them. That being said, we got called on the carpet for changing up from the Wilderlands to Greyhawk. 'What do mean that it was Luz the whole time!?!' 'No @#R$@#ing way! I don't believe it!' 
'Nope I don't believe it at all!' 'No way it would be Luz!' 'What are you guys trying to pull here time out!' 'We need to have a meeting!' 

Ten minutes later Charlie & the rest of the players were back at the table top! We know that you've got something else planned! Back into game session! 
 'All of the humanoids are gone from the caves of chaos right except for a few guards left behind?'
'We've recovered a few of the items the cult left behind right?? 'Yes absolutely.' 
'We're going to camp here tonight & examine those plus come up wth a game plan before we go tackling a humanoid army' That night the party finds that the artifacts have strange almost but not quite Egyptian style  on them. They want to sell the artifacts ASAP.  Now this plays right into DM Steve & myself's hands because the party has unfinished business with another serpant cult. And  this cult has been known to pass itself off as other evil religions. The cult operates in both Greyhawk & the Wilderlands. 
But this is going to complicate the campaign tremendously but then Elven scouts in the party that night decided to check the woods around the party's camp. They came face to face with a lone hobgoblin scout & managed to capture him. Tied up & questioned by the party he was wearing desert light scout armor. There was also a symbol of the god Seth on around his left wrist tied. His swords bore serpent symbols in the hilts. He wanted to know if our party of adventurers were associated with the town of Mitra's Fist?! This completely bewildered the players except for Charlie where the penny dropped! He remembered his Elven scout's 'Jac In The Rose' time in Jennell Jaquays, formerly Paul  Jaquays, Dark Tower last year. The adventure remains unfinished by this group of players! Jack in the Rose raced back to tell the rest of the party & this is where we ended for this week! 

DM Steve & myself decided to drop the players into a generation ship. Is this the Warden?! We don't actually know yet. Are the humanoids getting ready to attack the town of Mitra's Fist? Its on our agenda & this might possibly lead back to the Wilderlands or we'll bring even more Wilderlands elements coming up soon. Where?! Hommlet remains mostly unexplored by the party at this point. The zombies remain within the moat house at this point. There's an excellent overview of JG88 Dark Tower over on the OSR Grimoire blog here. 

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