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More OSR Resources Aboard The Warden - B2 Keep on The Borderlands By Gary Gygax - The Castles & Crusades Rpg Aligned With The Star Ship Warden Rpg book

Henri The Hurricane caused lots of mayhem for me as a DM this past weekend. It turned out to be a mild storm with an attitude. If one listened to the newscasters it was supposed to be the 'storm of the century'. And said newscasters almost but not quite seem geniunely diappointed when there wasn't any real destruction unlike Hurricane Sandy which barrelled through New England in 2012. We cancelled four game sessions this weekend . Fortunely my current B2 Keep of the Borderlands by Gary Gygax  kept my mind busy. 

 B2 Keep on the Bordlerands set aboard the Warden or a simlar starship has gotten me thinking about another older campaign  idea. Adventurer, Coqueror, King rpg's The Sinister Stone of Sakkara by Matthew Skail & , Alexander Macris works very well as a bridge gap between B2 & some of the weirdness aboard the Warden. A quisi Indo European adventure location with the advanced beastmen & their growing numbers aboard the Starship Warden works. 

There's already a Science Fantasy background baked into many of the ACK's adventures & the ACK's theme could continue with using  AX3: Capital of the Borderlands  to expand upon the quisi Late Roman Empire feel of this style of adventure.  AX3: Capital of the Borderlands  could provide a true base of operations within such a campaign. The AX3: Capital of the Borderlands book has more then enough material in it to add & drop it into an existing campaign or it could alternatively be used to bridge gap the classic B2 Keep on the Borderlands as a campaign extension for the Starship Warden.

AX3: Capital of the Borderlands  could easily serve
as the home base for the PC's. 
  The late Roman Empire asthestic of AX3: Capital of the Borderlands  could help to explain some of the weirdness of why the fortresses have been established along the borderlands. The campaign is going to walk a fine line between the dark Pulp fantasy of ACK's & the grittiness of 'The Star Ship Warden'. There's more then enough room to stick in other OSR influences here. The ACK's influence could allow the campaign setting to take on an almost ancient Alexandra style with traces of the Silk Road exoticism thrown in with more then enough Thundarr The Barbanian moments. 
The Starship Warden has more then enough traces of  actual Earth history within it to allow the DM to do both gonzo & serious in equal turns. 
The Warden has many influencs within its pages & its possible that the PC's  might find one of the multiple houses on their travels across the campaign lands. This means that the PC's could stumble upon one of the many ruined homes scattered across the landscape of the Warden.
This very situation actually goes back to one of the early Metamorphis Alpha Rpg first edition adventures. The excellent 'Metamorphosis Alpha: The House On The Hill' by Craig J. Brain, Bonus Content by James M. Ward could be slipped between B2 Keep on the Borderland & some of the other Starship Warden encounters. Even though this adventure is first edition MA its easily adaptable with very little work by the DM to the Starship Warden. 

The houses featured in the adventure are both familar & yet very dangerous highlighting the entire feel of the Metamorphis Alpha game going back to its beginnings. 
The Warden takes its weirdness on its own terms & this is something that extends a great deal to the Amazing Adventures version of the Starship Warden. Familiar & yet utterly alien in equal turns. 
Make no mistake that  'Metamorphosis Alpha: The House On The Hill'  is absolutely deadly unto itself. Stupid actions are going to equal dead PC's. Read through the entire adventure & don't convert this one on the fly. This is the voice of experince here. Read through, take notes, and convert monsters as needed. 
These house could contain very valuable information about the actual state of the Warden. The predicament that the PC's find themselves in & the current state of the Warden. Could this mini adventure be linked into the cult of Chaos?! Its very possible as the PC's stumble across a group of cultists messsing with a bungalow aboard the Warden for valuable artifacts or possible weapons. The PC's coming into the middle of such a raid? And then dealing with the fall out from it.  There's also the fact that currently there's a  9.95 the Metamorphosis Alpha Bundle  which snags you Metamorphosis Alpha 1E, 3 Metamorphosis Alpha sourcebooks, and Death Ziggurat & Warden Adventures. Erok Tankard has far more details on this bundle here. 
These resources would have to be converted over to Starship Warden rules as the DM & players see fit. 

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