Wednesday, August 18, 2021

Review & Commentary On 'Cha'alt After Dark' By Venger Satanis For The Cha'alt Rpg & Your Old School Science Fantasy Rpg's.

 "Cha'alt is an eldritch, gonzo, science-fantasy, post-apocalyptic campaign setting for old and new versions of D&D, retro-clones, and every OSR homage in-between.

Cha'alt After Dark contains a smattering of Game Mastering advice, optional rules relating to sex, and adventures both long and short - with plenty of random tables.  Be mindful that Cha'alt After Dark touches on mature themes. "

Let's be honest here, Cha'alt After Dark by Venger Satanis is a series of supplemental rules, sexual encounter  random tables along with consquences, and lots of Venger Satanis DMing advice. This section is followed by three adventures sequences  Manfestation which charts a crash landing on Cha'alt. Facing down Ja’areth-Syn the priest of the Great Old Ones (an NPC based on the cultlclassic 'Maelstorm The Destruction' film). The entire affair bleeds into the next adventure arch 'So beautiful So Dangous' a homage to the Seventies Sci Fi film ' Heavy Metal'. These adventure with  desert encounters & more strange  interconnected encounters all wtih the random tables that Venger is famous for. These mini adventures can be run upon their own or as a part of an interconnected micro campaign. 

'Cha'alt After Dark' goes into its next cycle of adventure arches with the 'The Girl with the Tentacle Tattoo'. And again with get a few random tables, smatterings of Cha'alt encounters, a micro dungeon & some down & dirty dungeon crawling the Satanis Way. And lots more random encounters. 'Cha'alt After Dark' kinda interconnects with his previous module 'Saving Cha'alt'. Thing is that Venger has gotten much better at the module & adventure writing. Part of the idea here with the random tables & Cha'alt themed ideas is that the module never runs the same way twice. The fact is that 'Cha'alt After Dark' is good value. If your into Cha'alt &  Cha'alt: Fuchsia Malaise then 'Cha'alt After Dark' is a must have for you! 
Cha'alt After Dark' By
 Venger Satanis For The Cha'alt Rpg 
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