Sunday, August 1, 2021

Skull Crawlers Adapted From King Kong Skull Island For Cepheus Atom & Those Old School 2d6 Science Fantasy Role Playing Campaigns

This place was home to Kong's entire species. It was their paradise, until the Skullcrawlers came. They laid waste to everything.„ 

— Riccio, having a vision of the battle between Kong's species and Skullcrawlers.

 Hailing from the Inner Earth, Skull Crawlers were discovered in 1933 by the German Krabermman expediation to San Sabastian island in the Pacific an unstable volcanoic island. The Skull Crawlers were rediscovered by the 1973 Monarch Land Sat project. See the Kong file here
The Skull Crawler Kaiju are some of the most dangerous examples of a non terrestial species yet encountered. They are fast, dangerous, & live to consume the flesh & bone of other kaiju. Because of their highly spend up metabolism meets that these kaiju are perpetually hungry. 
The Skull Crawlers exists to devour, destroy, and dominate.
It has been well documented that the Skull Crawlers were responsible for the destruction of several units of Allied troops during the Pacific campaign of World War II. 

Skull Crawlers attack anything that they can stuff into their mouth parts using a prehensile tongue to smell any traces of flesh or blood on the air. These bastard Kaiju use a combination of speed, violence, & sheer malice to take down prey many times their size. They also eat humans with a varicity boarding on mania. The Skull Crawlers often are found any place where a volcanic vent opens into the inner Earth works. Skull crawlers will work in packs of 2d6 to take down massive Kaiju prey many times their size. The skull crawler has an incredibly simple & yet highly effienct acidic laced three chambered  stomach. This alien kaiju stomach will hold many times the weight of one of these eternally hungry Kaiju. Even Rock Critters are often prey for Skull Crawlers & the Big Ass Reptile species are rivals to these mega predators. 

Skull Crawlers have been extensively exploited by several Mythos races including being used as living  biological weapons by Deep Ones against humanity in ancient past. They have also been used by the Mi Go at several of the Pacific based installations. Skull Crawlers are also found in interstellar space around the bases of the Elder Things at some of thier oldest facilities. 

Skull Crawlers 

# appearing 2d6
5/10, Move 15m, Armor 7, Claw (melee 2d damage) Bite (melee 3D damage), Prehensile Tongue (range 20 meters damage 1d), Survival 1,  Combat 3, Melee 1 . Gigantism. Armor, Acid Vomit 3 dice damage , 

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